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well it was fun and great. And said hi to everyone i knew on the forums:D. I just got some feeder bugs, but looked around and saw a lot of cham booths. I saw verrocousus, deremensis, jacksons ,panthers, melleri:D, hoenhelli, K.multi, pygmies, oustalets, and others. I wanted to fid areally red bearded dragon baby (female) but no luck:(, and i think i am taking an interest to uromastyx too:D. Well here are pics, but sorry they are not good and rather suckish:eek:

edit: i want to make them big how do i put pics without using the attachements???
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Upload threw Thats what I use on my threads. You upload your pictures from your computer to the site. Then copy and paste. It is very simple. And you get big pictures on your post.
definitely a good show! (just got home about an hour or so saw a LOT of ppl buying chams! =) but there was one seller there i didn't recognize/never heard of....was concerned though with how stressed all their chams looked and the overall setup. i managed to come home without another cham (a miracle in and of itself. lol), but did finally get my mistking! yeah, yeah! =)
Show was crowded and saw a $1000.00 spider!!

Yep, seen that awesome spider. It was that much cause it was pregnant. He had baby one for $180, almost came home with one.

Heres a picture:

damn.. i missed the spider, and for once i was lookin for a bearded dragon, no one had the one i was lookin for:mad::(
Who had all the chams out of cages on those poles?

Tiki Tiki had the Melleri and a Nosy Be that you see in the photos with the PVC pipe. The Melleri really loved being able be up and away from the stress of the crowd.
Amazing blue reptiles keeps some out as well. Sometime the Kammers do too.

Last time we bought out a mellers that was out all PO, right as another lady was going to get him. :) He's a butthead though. EVERYTHING makes him mad.

Looked like a fun show! Was anyone selling temporalis Pygmies? I neeeeeeeed some. :). It's too far to drive again though. :(
I wanted to fid areally red bearded dragon baby (female) but no luck:(, and i think i am taking an interest to uromastyx too:D. attachements???

Uromastyx are awesome.... I got one like 15 years ago, but sadly had to sell him when I moved into an apartment:(. He was one of my favorite pets I have ever had, was a beautiful Mali with gorgeous yellow honeycombing on its back. They are great animals and in my opinion have more personality than Bearded Dragons (which I also love).
A $1000 is an expensive squish under the ol’ size 13…

Juli, I have bio vine and leaves intertwined on the PVC sky sticks but they insist on being at the very very top (which is about 15’ in the air) just to be a PITA I think.

Its was good to see you again Ace... Going to come to Vegas in May?
Well thats because you have never been to one of those awesome CA, NV, or AZ shows... Durrrr :D

Which is something you should fix.

I know-I know! When is the next one so I can get plane tickets. I am booking rooms at the Hilton for Daytona soon! :)
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