Anyway to know what color?


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Is there anyway to know what colors my boy will be when he gets older? I got him from lllreptile in February and I don't know what his mama looked like.
Here's some pics






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There isn't much of a way to tell what color he is going to be.

Most veiled chameleons are usually either primarily turquoise with green/yellow stripes, green with turquoise/yellow stripes, or yellowish with turquoise/green stripes.

There have been a few orange veileds, but it's very rare.

Your guy looks like he's already developed his main colors. He will probably look about the same as mine.

Shades of green with blue stripes and yellow dots. Most veileds are relatively the same color.

Also, he has great patterns for a veiled so young. :D


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That baby hast come close to developing his colors yet.

You wont see what his colors are going to be permanently until he is at least 8 months old
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