1. cswan19

    Possible sperm plug?

    My veiled chameleon Malibu has something yellowish and crusty hanging out of his vent area. He is asleep now and I tried to grab it out using tweezers but it was hard and pretty stuck and I woke him up. I am leaving him alone now. But I think it is either stuck poop (if that is even possible..)...
  2. cswan19

    Malibu update!

    Its been a really long time since I posted any pictures on the forum. I just recently started browsing the forums again after a few months. But anyway just thought me and Malibu would drop in and say hello.
  3. cswan19

    Love me some handling time!

    Malibu is starting to warm up to me more and more! :D when I first got him he would never let me take him out without stress or leaving my hand in the cage for a really long time. Now he will climb onto my hand pretty quickly. Here are some photos of today's handling time. I love this dude.
  4. cswan19

    Got Crickets?

    I got my first bulk order of crickets today from Lazy H. There was only a few dead crickets, thats it! :) Great considering how hot and humid it is here in FL. I only got 500 because I only have one baby veiled and an adult leopard gecko so thats really all I need. Lazy H is awesome, it only...
  5. cswan19

    Anyway to know what color?

    Is there anyway to know what colors my boy will be when he gets older? I got him from lllreptile in February and I don't know what his mama looked like. Here's some pics
  6. cswan19

    Cup Feeding

    I got my cham from lllreptile an all is well. At lllreptile they free range feed their chameleons so thats what my boy Malibu does. My question is... is it possible to train him to cup feed if he is used to free range? I'd like to be able to tell how much he is eating a little more efficiently...
  7. cswan19

    Haven't seen my boy shed...?

    I have my veiled Cham Malibu for almost two months, and I've never seen him shed. He is about 2-3 months old, do they not shed this young? Or could he be shedding and I'm just not seeing it? Should I be worried?
  8. cswan19

    Awake at night?

    My male veiled Malibu is about 2 mo. old and has never had any problems with sleep. He always goes to sleep right after lights out and wakes up a few minutes before lights on. It is almost midnight where I'm at and he is settled in on his favorite branch where he usually sleeps but hes looking...
  9. cswan19

    365 Days of Malibu!

    So i came across ReptiGeeks thread of 365 days of Naboo and thought it was really interesting and a good way to track the growth of your chameleon. I had to do one myself. I originally wanted to wait until I got a better camera to start this project but I don't have the money right now so I...
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