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I got my cham from lllreptile an all is well. At lllreptile they free range feed their chameleons so thats what my boy Malibu does. My question is... is it possible to train him to cup feed if he is used to free range? I'd like to be able to tell how much he is eating a little more efficiently. Also its kind of annoying trying to catch all the baby crickets in the foilage before night if he doesn't eat them all. I would also like to introduce silks to him and think it would be easiest if he cup fed.

Also, a bit of an off topic question/opinions... How bad are dubia roaches? :( I HATE roaches and have yet to introduce them for fear of them getting loose into my house and giving me the heebie jeebies :eek: . How gross looking are they too? Can you introduce them at any age?

And finally heres a picture... cause everybody loves pictures. lol ::rolleyes:

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