1. Panther Colors

    Panther Colors

    My sweet panther showing his range of colors.
  2. C

    My male Veiled showing off

    I got him at the NH Reptile show back in March as 2yr old and he is looking as handsome as ever outside! His change of colors is phenomenal to me, enjoy!
  3. wmacintosh

    My New Ambilobe!

    So after doing months of research on this forum and other sources, I finally got myself a panther chameleon! He is a 3 month old ambilobe and I named him Nyxson! I cant help but say how excited I am to care for this little guy. I got him from Lindsay at Captive Creations Canada in Ontario! -...
  4. sammseals

    age vs colors

    I have a male panther chameleon named Leo. He is a little over a year old. He hasnt gotten a lot of colors yet. I can see a little red coming in on his bridge and around his eyes, but not much. His parents have vibrant reds, greens, blues, and oranges. I just wanted to hear everyones opinions...
  5. cswan19

    Anyway to know what color?

    Is there anyway to know what colors my boy will be when he gets older? I got him from lllreptile in February and I don't know what his mama looked like. Here's some pics
  6. cswan19

    When do baby veileds start to develop colors?

    When do baby veiled chameleons start to develop more colors. I currently have 2-3 month old male veiled chameleon. He only displays shades of green. When will he start to show more colors like red, blue, orange, yellow, etc.? Thanks:)
  7. ReptileLove18

    Colors that stress chams out

    what are colors that you have found seem to stress your chameleon? what kind of reaction did they have? also, what kind of colors do they like and relate to positively? :D
  8. Pablo's Colors

    Pablo's Colors

  9. Three Tones!!!

    Three Tones!!!

  10. True Colors

    True Colors

    Taking some sun and showing some colors.
  11. Pastel


  12. Hiding


    pastel colors
  13. Ozwald


    Getting excited over some yummy crix
  14. Seeing Outside

    Seeing Outside

  15. Colorspectrum


  16. Vali Colors

    Vali Colors

  17. Goblins Colors

    Goblins Colors

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