Colors that stress chams out


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what are colors that you have found seem to stress your chameleon? what kind of reaction did they have?

also, what kind of colors do they like and relate to positively?



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I dont really find that colors effect my guys much. But i have heard that they are weeary of reds, oranges and yellows and more comfotable arounf light colors and green of course :)

Dr O

big shocker here, but i wear i lot of tie-dye shirts!! ;)

most of my chams, whether m or f immediately assume a threatened pose if i come up to them with one on. and they are always looking at the shirt, rarely at my face. so i’m careful not to wear one if i have a bunch of work to do with them.

another time i was going to pick up one of my large males and he was bugging out, staring at my head, gaping and puffing. i realized i was wearing a tie-dye bandana…..took it off and he was much happier to see his daddy.

finally, about 15 years ago i had a nosy be male that i studded out to a client’s female. that was his first and only experience with a lady cham. but ever after that, my at-the-time girlfriend’s muddy brown/pink sweatshirt became his humping post. he had never reacted to it prior to the mating, but after if she was wearing it he would start the head-bobs, coloring up, and would walk back and forth on her arm looking for a hole (literally! he once found a small tear and when his junk began to come out it was time for him to get off of the shirt!)…….it was hilarious, educational, but somewhat bittersweet. so in this instance at least, it took him an initial day of whoopee before something clicked in his brain re: those colors.



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thanks for the info guys!

and that is a very funny story Dr O! i will be mindful of wearing my tie dyed shirts :) i dont plan on breeding my guy so i dont think ill have to worry about him thinking the same thing your guy did ;) great info tho, i can only imagine what they think of us when we come in wearing crazy colors!


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My panther hates too much white. If I get near him in my white doctor's coat he gets very upset! My veiled hates orange - he was terrified of a big orange nerf gun!


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My panther hates pink! I wear a lot of tie-dye also, but luckily he doesn't seem to mind that a bit.



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My Meller's is the only one that reacts to colors, and she does not appreciate bold stripes. I have a couple white and navy thick striped shirts and she gets very nervous. But if the pattern is less bold/contrasting, she doesn't seem to notice much.

No one else seems to care about colors that I've noticed.


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All of my chams react violently to red! I also have a neon orange and neon red short that they give suspicious looks to. I don't wear these colors a lot cuz I'm always fiddling, fussing with my chams and don't want to upset them! Spoiled buggers!! ;)


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I wore a red tie once and Monty freaked out. Turned black and started just freaking out.

Too bad because that tie is my favorite :( Oh well. I won't let little Mo see it again.

Also black. If I'm wearing dark colors or put my camera next to him he gets scared.


My Veiled, Rebel, hates any bright color. I LOVE bright pink, orange, yellow, etc. and he hates it. lol:D


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very interesting stories/info everyone!! thanks for sharing!!

seems like each cham has their likes and dislikes of colors :) i love how they each have their own personalities! :D


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My wife has a peach robe that seems to stress the females and catch an eye of the males. They seem confused when she them with her robe on.


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Mine is freaked out by my neck tie. Its checkered and kinda flashy, and when the only time he ever seen it, he jumped down off his basking spot and ran. he hid. and showed his stressed out almost black color for like 20 minutes. i think he thought he saw a snake maybe? it was awefull :(


I have recently gotten an orvis digital camo fishing hat which I wear a fair bit. I forgot I had it on the other day and he kinda took off for cover fast. I took it off and he seemed to calm a bit, but he runs from me alot anyway...except when I have food then he might hang around a bit. He either doesn't like hats or greens and white of camo.


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Tropic Green

Last week end I cleaned out a room in the house. Painted it Valspar Tropic Green. My vields are in open air cages against the newly painted wall. They seem more relaxed and hang near the wall twards the back of the cage. I have noticed that they are showing more relaxed colors as well. Im no scientist, but I think they feel safe near Tropic Green.


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