1. ReptileLove18

    Colors that stress chams out

    what are colors that you have found seem to stress your chameleon? what kind of reaction did they have? also, what kind of colors do they like and relate to positively? :D
  2. SUSE

    Stressed out Chameleon(s)

    So, I am a new owner of a Male veiled chameleon and I am pretty sure a complete moron.He currently is about 5-6 months old. He is just now getting some colors. I thought it would be a okay/good idea to get a Female veiled Chameleon. she is about a month or so younger than him i believe. So...
  3. Zajlol

    Baby veiled

    My sister just got a 3 month old male veiled Cham on Sunday. Then today he was bright green then we went to home depot to get some pothos then she cleaned them and put them in the cage I went in to see how the cage looked and he was really dark. He wasn't black but like a grey color what's wrong...
  4. K

    My Cham Has Problems

    My Veiled Cham (krank) is about a couple months old and a month or so ago Hurricane Gustav hit so we left to Houston when we got there i noticed his left eye was closed but the right one was open. We got back home he still had it shut. Then Hurricane Ike hit we went to Houston again to my Moms...
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