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So, I am a new owner of a Male veiled chameleon and I am pretty sure a complete moron.He currently is about 5-6 months old. He is just now getting some colors. I thought it would be a okay/good idea to get a Female veiled Chameleon. she is about a month or so younger than him i believe. So I was under the impression that if they are young then it would be okay to have them in a the same cage for about a week or two till i get a cage of her own at the local pet store. So i put the female with the male on Saturday. He did not seem too like it much and has been stressed out. On Sunday he was curling and uncurling his tale when she approached him. Yesterday I found her hiding at the bottom of the cage on a little cup with a lid and some hold too catch water that drips down from the top of the cage. She looked upset but she was still green. This morning I went too feed them. The Male gaped as large as i have even seen him do then he hissed at he. at this point i removed the female from the cage and placed her in a temp little Cricket cage style holder. I went to check on them during my lunch break she seems okay but the boy is still wound up. he was walking all over the cage shooting his tounge at nothing/everything and he is brown/black very upset looking.

I don't know what to do, I am considering returning the female to the store and keeping only the male. I am worried for both of them. The male seems too have lost his mind and is just pure anger now. The other idea is just getting a new cage/light/plants etc after work today and her up with her own place.

I just feel i am over my head and should not be taking care of any animales

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Hey there, don't fret everyone here loves to help.

You'll want a senior members advice before acting, but I'm pretty sure 5-6 months is too old to house with another cham. I'd either get another set up (be mindful of all the extra expense) or maybe return your female.

If you keep the female be sure that they can't even see each other.

If you feel in over your head then I think you should relentlessly trawl these wonderful forums (a wealth of info here!). Make sure you've got your set up right. Make sure you have food and supplementation right. Every aspect of cham care is very important!

When I joined the wonderful DavidBuchan gave me this link to his veiled care sheet:

The lovely Jannb is a very experienced keeper and has some great blogs.

Also, sandrachameleon, is the resident gutloading expert so check out her blogs too!

EDIT just found a post where Jannb and sandrachameleon have posted their links:
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