1. Cameroon dreaming

    Cameroon dreaming

    T. quadricornis quadricornis
  2. ferretinmyshoes

    Baby Quad pics!

    Here's what I'm up to most recently! I have two baby quads and they're just the cutest little things! I wasn't planning on breeding after the panthers - it's just very time and labor intensive. Tylene needed a retirement home for a quad breeder with repro problems so she came to live with me...
  3. BackwaterReptiles

    Cameroon bounty...

    By now many of you have heard about the Cameroon shipment that came in legally within the last few days--the first in a long time. I was able to procure 30 quads, 20 montium, 14 cristatus, and 20 pfefferi. Some of the quads are red claws. Pretty good mix of juveniles and adults. Some are in...
  4. johncjb

    A chameleon in a viv?

    Hey guys, I am going to set up a vivarium, with a fogger, waterfall, moss, trees, etc... Is there any type of cham (besides a pygmy) that can live in a viv? I am currently looking into quads and rudis but I hear they need really good ventilation. Could they thrive in a viv? Thanks...
  5. Monties1982

    My whole gang (lots of pics)

    I got pics of all my chameleons today. It's the first time I've taken pictures of all of them at the same time. Here's Trixie, my female montium And her baby My Pfeffer's, Pfritzi And the male, Pepe My Quad, Qadir, striking a pose My other male...
  6. Monties1982

    Cornelius getting some sun

    I put Cornelius on a plant in front of the window today to get some sun and I took some pictures. First one of him on my hand. And a couple of him on the plant I also took a close-up shot of his sailfin. He must have been injured when he was in the wild because it's kind of bent...
  7. Monties1982

    Qadir out and about

    I got a couple of good pics of Qadir out of his cage the other day. First, one of him still in his cage Hanging out on a plant by the window And a great silhouette shot
  8. Monties1982

    New pics of my boys

    My mom got a new camera the other day, so I borrowed it to try to get some better pictures of my chams. I got a few that turned out pretty well so I thought I'd share. Here's Cornelius Here's Qadir And here's Montague Montague was pretty feisty with me when I got him out of...
  9. Monties1982

    Cornelius and Qadir

    I took a couple of pictures of my quads and thought I'd share them. Here's Cornelius and here's Qadir Qadir's color has improved a lot since I got him 2 months ago. Here's what he looked when I first got him.
  10. SoCaliSon

    Lambeau the Quadricornis

    Here are some updated shots of my little Quadricornis I got from Josh back in June. I believe he is around 5 months old now... and weighs about 4.5 grams at the moment. Thanks to Robby for bringing over his DSLR so I could actually get some decent pics. Hope You Enjoy...
  11. SoCaliSon

    My New little Fella's! Quadricornis and C. Rudis Sternfeldi!

    Well here are the two little fellas I acquired this weekend. They are both eating and drinking like crazy! I have been doing my homework and preparing to star working with Montanes for quite a while now... And I can tell... These two are going to be the start of a whole new realm of the hobby...
  12. Full Sails

    Full Sails

    Bowser before bed.
  13. Full Sails

    Full Sails

    Triceros quadricornis quadricornis named Bowser.
  14. Nero


    T. quadricornis quadricornis
  15. T. Quadricornis

    T. Quadricornis

    Baby quad
  16. 4 Day Old Baby Quad And Friend

    4 Day Old Baby Quad And Friend

  17. Alpha Male

    Alpha Male

    quadricornis male
  18. Adult Male Quadricornis

    Adult Male Quadricornis

    Adult male Quadricornis
  19. "glad Your Happy"

    "glad Your Happy"

    lil quad shedding
  20. Lefo


    my male quad
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