Cornelius getting some sun


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I put Cornelius on a plant in front of the window today to get some sun and I took some pictures.

First one of him on my hand.

And a couple of him on the plant


I also took a close-up shot of his sailfin. He must have been injured when he was in the wild because it's kind of bent over and there is a row of what looks like puncture wounds like something might have bitten him. You can even see there's a hole in it. I think it looks kind of cute because it looks like a piercing :p.


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Thanks for the compliments :D. I like how if you look closely, you can see the the skin between his scales is red on his sides.


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He is wonderful, I think Cornelius needs to visit my ladies. They miss no longer having an adult male quad in the house. You do really need to think about selling cornelius to me.


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Ugh Im so jealous
I saw nicks quad today when I went to buy some feeders.
Theyre even better in real life.
Man oh man I wish I had one.
And those are possibly snake bites?
Lol just a guess :)
got him four times? It wasnt big enough to eat the quad but big enough to give four warnings LOL!
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