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    Enclosure set up!
  2. Loretta amongst her royal subjects

    Loretta amongst her royal subjects

    Loretta was playing in the baby collard greens and swiss chard. She was having THE most fun :3
  3. ChameLIonLover

    Using old possibly infested w/parasites plants

    Hi guys, I have 2 pothos, 1 schefflera, 1 hibiscus and 1 bromeliad that I used to have in my old cages before I learned that my cham had coccidia. I realize these plants and their soil could have been the cause of the parasites. Can i repurpose these plants as plants for outdoor/indoor free...
  4. C

    Mystery Plants! Help me identify please!

    Just went to my local awesome pet store and they always have cool new rep stuff. In their plant room they had these two plants that I liked. Both hanging. Would love to put the first one in my cham cage cause its thick and would handle him climbing on it. BUT are they SAFE for my veiled...
  5. The Bearded Derek

    Any safe, weird looking plants?

    Recently I went to a Home Depot and they had a couple weird and cool looking plants, I was wondering what plants I can add that look different than that classic green color. Any plant that has a weird leaf shape or a plant with different colored leaves and is a house plant. (Either just a pure...
  6. OptimusCham

    Locusts are eating my plants!

    This may have already been asked & answered but I don't have time to search for an answer, sorry. I've recently put some live plants into my cham's enclosure & with all the locusts in there, they've suffered majorly! What I'd like to know is which plants are save for chams but locusts/crickets...
  7. DeremensisBlue

    New Product: Dragon Ledges. Branching and Live Hanging Plants in a Screen Cage

    Branching and Live Hanging Plants in a Screen Cage The Problem. For over 30 years I have been trying different ways of setting up a chameleon cage. The biggest problem with a screen cage is the difficulty in placing horizontal branches and live plants. Quite simply, anytime any weight is...
  8. C

    Deciding on one more plant

    Long story short: I don't have a cham yet but I'm still working on setting up the enclosure and I need one more plant. Long story long: I've already killed a hibiscus (although further inspection showed that the plant appeared to have no root system so it may not have been my fault) and a...
  9. LLLReptile

    Grow miniature trees for your chams - use ficus trees!

    Ficus trees! Great for increasing humidity and providing lush foliage for your young and old chams to hide in! Get a smaller, 6" potted ficus for $12.99 each These are great for cages 18 x 18 x 36 and smaller! Or, for larger cages, get a larger ficus! 8" potted ficus can be up...
  10. samthechamman

    Pump powered drip system troubleshooting

    Hey everyone, I just finished my cage about a month ago! My cham is loving his new home. I posted here looking for lighting advice a while ago and received some great advice, so I figured some of you folks may have a good idea of what I should do with my drip system predicament. The cage...
  11. J

    Less common plants in UK

    Hi, I am wanting to buy some plants that are not the common plants recommended. E.g, pothos, ficus, umbrella, dracana, spider, ect I want different types because I want them for my montane species so outdoor plants that can cope with the cooler temps are what I am looking for and also...
  12. Kittiekins

    New plants? LIVE PLANTS!

    So I find it's time for me to go for some new plants, live ones that is. I got a new cage, some new vines and need a small new plant to live it up a bit. so since its a smaller 15x15x30 screen cage I need something small enough to fit properly. Any ideas on what is a small plant I use? Something...
  13. Yak

    Eco Friendly Fertilizers...

    Hibiscus Hi Everyone, thank you for taking the time to Reading my thread and in advance, thank you for those willing to answer objectively as I value your time. I purchased a Hibiscus plant from (Insert here a big chain store that carries nursery material) and the plant was doing great since...
  14. Beautiful4Ever

    Help on a plant...

    I am currently setting up a new enclosure and I came across Hedera Ivy. I was wanting to put it on the base of the enclosure. I have 2 panther chameleons so they do not eat plants...I was wondering if this was okay to use at the base? :confused: Please help...I have found such conflicting posts...
  15. J


    The only discussion I could find was back I n 2006 which was inconclusive and mostly brain storming. Has anyone had success with hydro plants and enclosures?
  16. ReptiGeek

    Free-Range and Gizmo

    Just wanted to share with you all the free range I have for my chameleons to explore. Also for a couple hours a day the sun shines right on to the free range, so I open up the window and give my chameleons turns to take in some natural sunlight. The plants within this free range consist of...
  17. stephencartolano

    strange live vines ok?

    Attached are pictures of two different species of vine from my backyard, does anyone know what species, or if they're safe? Can the be propagated or air-layerd so I can have living vines in my chams cage? They seem to grow very fast, the vines planted in the pots that are growing up the...
  18. Thezillaman21

    ***-the plant thread official-***

    The resources on this cite are not growing fast and I figured id start a thread so we all can become more aquainted with the plants we use in the chameleon trade... Pothos vine- easy to care for umbrella plant- easy corn plant- easy please add... i will do more later
  19. d3s5

    Out With The Old FR - In With The New!

    I've been working on a new FR for quite some time and have finally finished! Phineas seems quite happy with the results! Mostly I'm happy that I don't have to empty a bucket everyday! It's 6'x3' floor to ceiling, MistKing, 4 48" T5 HO grow lights and a 100 watt MegaRay UV bulb...
  20. SamW

    Caring for my plants

    Hey all, So I'm about to place my new pothos and hibiscus in my guy's cage. I've been reading that hibiscus need fertilizer weekly to thrive. I would like to think that all of the plants would grow better with fertilizer as well. Are there any fertilizers that are safe to use? Any natural...
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