Mystery Plants! Help me identify please!

Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by ChamSky, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. ChamSky

    ChamSky New Member

    Just went to my local awesome pet store and they always have cool new rep stuff.
    In their plant room they had these two plants that I liked. Both hanging. Would love to put the first one in my cham cage cause its thick and would handle him climbing on it.
    BUT are they SAFE for my veiled cham?
    No tags on them. If not safe then both will be house plants.
    Plant #1 front - thick stems

    Plant#1 back-

    Plant #1 leaf close up

    Plant #2 - not pothos but looks similar. Leaves are glossy and heart shaped. Very long and thin.

  2. SocialNumb

    SocialNumb Established Member

    I know nothing but I'm trying to learn so I'm going to put my guess here.

    The 2nd one is a Hoya?

    1st is a Peperomia puteolata?

    I'm probably totally wrong lol.
  3. ChamSky

    ChamSky New Member

    Just looked them up and they are close but definitely not it. But your guess was closer than mine! Lol the peperomia grows upward and had striped leaves
  4. SocialNumb

    SocialNumb Established Member

    Darn haha. One day.
  5. reptileguy112

    reptileguy112 Member

    First one is a pothos or Philodendron, there are subspecies of both so some look different from others and the other is a string of hearts or something
  6. Lathis

    Lathis Chameleon Enthusiast

    #2 looks like a philodendron. I wouldn't put it in with any animal that nibbles on plants (like a veiled).

    #1 some variety of aluminum plant? That's a stumper.
  7. reptileguy112

    reptileguy112 Member

    I also thought it might be an aluminum plant but those have more distinct white spots. I KNOW I have seen the plant in the pic at the store, I will have to check at the store next time I leave.
  8. ChamSky

    ChamSky New Member

    Ah so it IS a type of pothos.... Cool! The heart shape was cool. I figured I wouldn't be putting that in the cam cage since its fragile. Will make a good house plant.

    Still haven't been able to find any pics of the other mystery one. It would be really cool if I could put it in there!
  9. reptileguy112

    reptileguy112 Member

    They are good house plants and even do good in low light
  10. Chase

    Chase Avid Member

    Can I see a picture of the underside of the leaves on the first plant?

  11. ridgebax1

    ridgebax1 Established Member

    The first one looks a bit like a Pilea cadierei; I wonder if it is not just leggy from inadequate lighting. It is not a rosary vine, they have much smaller leaves. Usually plants that are variegated need bright light because less green means less photosynthesis ability. So if a varigated plant is grown in not enough light they tend to lose their varigation. The second plant is without a doubt a philodendron and I would not put that in with a cham that might munch on it.
  12. Carlton

    Carlton Chameleon Enthusiast

    No, its technically NOT the same...the plant in the photo is in the Philodendron genus. Pothos is in the Epipremnum genus. It does matter. However, the common name Pothos is often used for both and they are often mislabeled in stores. They are both in the same plant family Araceae, but have different levels of toxicity to different animals.
  13. The first plant is Pellionia pulchra. Dart frog keepers will often use them in vivariums. It's a pretty easy houseplant to take care of, but I'm not sure though how well it would do in a chameleon enclosure.

  14. Lathis

    Lathis Chameleon Enthusiast

    Ding ding ding!!! Thank you - it's been driving me crazy.
  15. ChamSky

    ChamSky New Member

    Ahh thank you!!! Yes, these plants were all in their 'humidity rep' room with dart frogs, geckos, and chams. They had a lot of plants for terrariums/vivariums I got my marbeled pothos there
  16. You're welcome. Glad to help when I can. Long ago, I used to work in a green house, and I was in charge of the houseplants. If I walk in a store and I don't remember or can't identify a plant, I always look at the label. Gotta keep my memory sharp. :D I hate it though when plants aren't labeled. :mad:


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