1. Working on his gymnastics

    Working on his gymnastics

  2. C

    Mystery Plants! Help me identify please!

    Just went to my local awesome pet store and they always have cool new rep stuff. In their plant room they had these two plants that I liked. Both hanging. Would love to put the first one in my cham cage cause its thick and would handle him climbing on it. BUT are they SAFE for my veiled...
  3. KatiLemons

    48 inch ballast question?? Need some input.

    I am wondering how many 2x2x4 cages will fit under a ballast that is hanging about 6+ inches from the tops. Obviously two but the higher I chain them up the more cages I could fit right? I would think that I could do 3 (at the most) but wanted to ask input to see what others have done? Thanks in...
  4. Just Hangin'

    Just Hangin'

    Just Hangin'
  5. Hangin'


  6. Hanging Out

    Hanging Out

  7. Waldo


    he is wild
  8. DSCF0593


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