1. C

    Mystery Plants! Help me identify please!

    Just went to my local awesome pet store and they always have cool new rep stuff. In their plant room they had these two plants that I liked. Both hanging. Would love to put the first one in my cham cage cause its thick and would handle him climbing on it. BUT are they SAFE for my veiled...
  2. C

    Calling all houseplant experts

    I'm not much of a green thumb when it comes to houseplants, and I need some help identifying a suspected pest on a Schefflera Arboricola I purchased yesterday for my (future) cham's enclosure. The plant looks pretty healthy overall, but when I looked closer at the stems, there are these weird...
  3. LLLReptile

    Live ficus trees shipped to your doorstep!

    Ficus trees! Great for increasing humidity and providing lush foliage for your young and old chams to hide in! Get a smaller, 6" potted ficus for $12.99 each These are great for cages 18 x 18 x 36 and smaller! Or, for larger cages, get a larger ficus! 8" potted ficus can be up...
  4. AdventuringChameleon

    Fertilizer... Yum

    Hey Everyone! So Mowgli has gotten into this great habit of going down to the bottom of his umbrella plant to snatch up a little piece of fertilizer from the soil. We have some spanish moss over the top of the soil to try and cover it up and deter him, but sometimes he even will go for the...
  5. Padose

    Pothos Questions

    So, Picasso has been eating his wax plant, regardless of what other greens I put in his cage. I have bought collards, kale, and tried other fruits, to no avail. He still munches on his wax plant. I want to get another live plant, and Pothos is at the top of my list. It grows fast, but for...
  6. OfficialChameleon

    Funny - Tropical Hibiscus Trimming

    Hey Guys! So I made this new oak enclosure for my veiled cham, and the plant in it is a tropical hibiscus, I chose this plant because it is safe for chams to eat, I've seen him eat a few leaves.. But when I looked in his enclosure and saw that most of the soft, green stems were all gone and...
  7. B

    Are palms okay to put into an enclosure?

    Hello i bought a palm for my chameleons enclosure because i had seen it to be safe on this website ( ) i haven't decided to put it in yet because it seems quite sharp and the last thing i want to do is hurt the chameleon. I just wanted to ask...
  8. B

    Commonly found plants.

    Hello does anyone know of some commonly found plants I could put in a veileds enclosure? Thanks
  9. Rosie42892

    He's scared to death!

    Today I put a new vine (bought from Petsmart) in my 5 month old Ambilobe's enclosure. I wrapped it around a couple of his branches and through his plants. All of a sudden, he stopped in his tracks (didn't puff up, but colored up very bright). I thought he would soon go explore (he is usually...
  10. Gringo's New Plant

    Gringo's New Plant

    Got some foliage for Gringo :)
  11. New Plant

    New Plant

    Just bought a new plant for my male veiled, and I think he likes it. Can kinda see him on the top in the light.
  12. Jade Plant

    Jade Plant

    Jade Plant with the Little Guy
  13. Kibi Outside

    Kibi Outside

    Kibi's first trip outside on the lanai
  14. Aslan ~ Not Impressed

    Aslan ~ Not Impressed

    Aslan wasn't impressed when I changed around his cage, he stayed up in the corner the rest of the afternoon, leering at me!
  15. Enclosure ~ Re-vamped

    Enclosure ~ Re-vamped

    2.5'x2.5'x6' Flexarium, after I redecorated. Aslan was none-too-impressed, you can see him under his basking lamp giving me the evil-eye.
  16. Enclosure ~ Re-vamped

    Enclosure ~ Re-vamped

    2.5'x2.5'x6' Flexarium, after I redecorated
  17. Enclosure ~ Re-vamped

    Enclosure ~ Re-vamped

    2.5'x2.5'x6' Flexarium, after I redecorated
  18. Brillant Hibsicus ????

    Brillant Hibsicus ????

    Raul trying to read the name of his favorite outside plant.
  19. Wobbles Day Out 005

    Wobbles Day Out 005

  20. New Plant  (hawaiian Schefflera)

    New Plant (hawaiian Schefflera)

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