Are palms okay to put into an enclosure?


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Hello i bought a palm for my chameleons enclosure because i had seen it to be safe on this website ( ) i haven't decided to put it in yet because it seems quite sharp and the last thing i want to do is hurt the chameleon. I just wanted to ask could i put it in. Does anyone else have a palm in their enclosure or is it dubbed dangerous?


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I am not 100% sure but I have seen them in enclsosures before so I think they are ok. Do you have a panther or veild? The veilds are more prone to eat vegetation than the panthers. To be honest though, if it is sharp I would not use it. It could cut your chamleons feet when he climbs on it. What type of palm is it that is sharp?

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You really need to check out their latin names on google to see if they're toxic. There are some palms which are very toxic and most of them also have sharp spines....
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