strange live vines ok?

Attached are pictures of two different species of vine from my backyard, does anyone know what species, or if they're safe? Can the be propagated or air-layerd so I can have living vines in my chams cage?

They seem to grow very fast, the vines planted in the pots that are growing up the gazebo thing were only planted 5 months ago and they now cover it.


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thanks! that sounds good!

anybody else recognize these plants and can help me out whether they're safe or not if I plant them LIVE in my cage?
i didnt undertsand that you were talking about live plants.
i have one that i hope i could use in the future when it grows as natural vines, i know they are safe to use, they are the wandering jew (comun name) itsthe Tradescantia zebrina. you can also use photos that are bigger, i was goona try to get one but i couldnt find it fo sure so i used this instead
hope i could help
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