1. LLLReptile

    Live ficus trees shipped to your doorstep!

    Ficus trees are the perfect addition for any chameleon cage! Get a small ficus tree (6" pot) for $12.99 each! Larger ficus trees (8" pot, bushier, 28" - 48" tall) are $24.99 each! **NOTE** We cannot guarantee live arrival of ficus trees in temperatures below 35 degrees! View...
  2. Owl city


    I just built a huge outside cage in the shade for my Jackson's Cham and I want to fill it with places for him to climb can I use rope that's tight and doesn't have like frayed peaces it looks really smooth like a shoe lace and what about huge branches I found outside I can't fit them in the oven...
  3. stephencartolano

    strange live vines ok?

    Attached are pictures of two different species of vine from my backyard, does anyone know what species, or if they're safe? Can the be propagated or air-layerd so I can have living vines in my chams cage? They seem to grow very fast, the vines planted in the pots that are growing up the...
  4. Perfect View

    Perfect View

    RedRock Peaking through the vines.
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