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    Family friendly reptile related fun for Halloween!

    Looking for some reptile-related fun in the Halloween season? Come on down to LLLReptile Oceanside on Sunday, October 26th for a full day of reptile fun for Halloween! *Costume Contest (for animals AND people!) *Hissing Booth *Crab racing *Face Painting *Bounce House Tons more...
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    LLLReptile YouTube Contest is ON!

    The LLLReptile YouTube channel is here - click to see the video of details plus all of our educational videos! To enter the YouTube contest, just make a video 2 minutes or less about why #ScalesAreBetter (by the way - chameleons have scales too! They're just shaped differently ;) ). Email...
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    LLLReptile Vivarium Building Workshop!

    The amazing LLL Vivarium Building Workshop is back again! Always wanted to build a vivarium, but you weren't sure how? Do you know how to do a planted vivarium, but you're not sure about the steps for a waterfall vivarium? Want step by step help to build a cool cage for small tropical...
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    Not supposed to pick favorites, but...

    I have favorites anyway. This is King Arthur, one of our ambilobe x ambanja panther chameleons. He's sassy and will eat out of our hands. This is Sir Lancelot, my other favorite - hard to get him to stay still for a picture, but he is also an ambilobe x ambanja. Just wanted...
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    If the moths aren't breeding... feed em off!

    I've been hatching out some hornworm moths to try breeding, and a couple have come out a bit funky. This moth wouldn't stop flipping upside down and flapping all over the place, so I fed it off to one of our breeder male panthers. He loved it! -Jen
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    12 Days of LLL Sales! In stores ONLY

    Are you in Southern California? Check out which of our 4 retail stores is closest to you by checking their addresses here... then follow your local store to get updates on the sales each day leading up to Christmas eve! Oceanside - our largest retail store Escondido - located on Grand...
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    HUGE Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales coming!

    As always - we will be having Black Friday deals in all 4 of our retail stores in Southern California along with awesome Cyber Monday deals online! Some general stuff that will be on the specials list: Chameleon cages heat bulbs UVB bulbs misting systems thermostats Vision products AND...
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    SUPER SPECIAL on ambilobes - only $99 each for blue bars!

    Now through Sunday, November 17th! Baby Blue Bar Ambilobe Panther Chamelons only $99 each! Well started babies at a price that's a super steal - while supplies last, no rain checks, and sale ends on Sunday! Order today by visiting our website - click here to see our chameleon...
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    Can we talk about Senegals?

    Who else has some? How old are yours, what do you keep them in, where'd you get em, tell me about them! I just picked up a couple to replace the Veileds in the vivarium on my work desk, and I'm curious about other people's experience with them. Fairly certain mine are female, I'll be...
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    Growth progress

    Barney the angry Veiled Chameleon at just about 3 months. Gonna be quite a big boy! -Jen
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    Barney the Veiled Chameleon and the many failed photo ops

    Ahh, all the failed attempts at good pictures as Barney the Angry Veiled Chameleon has grown up... He was good for the first month, and then as he got older he's gotten angrier and angrier about his picture being taken... "I can't eat now that you're watching!" Now...
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    Some pairings here at our breeding center today

    Just sharing some pics of our copulations taking place this morning :) This Veiled is a stud, he locked up with several of our females that were ready to go: Didn't catch the actual act for these two, but this was the prelude :) Another one just a couple minutes before copulation...
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    Robyn of ProExotics is the guest speaker at our next herp meeting!

    The Evolution of the Captive Bred Reptile Industry Robyn from ProExotics, TheReptileReport.com, and ShipYourReptiles.com will be visiting us here in Southern California to give his guest talk on the reptile industry! The talk will be about 45 minutes, and will be followed by a Q&A...
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    Baby Veiled growth comparison

    I've been raising a couple baby Veiled Chameleons on my desk for almost two months now - a little update, for anyone who's curious about growth in these. Three Weeks Old Compared to 6 weeks old - same hand! They grow so fast :) -Jen
  15. LLLReptile

    Growth Rate of Hatchling Veiled Cham

    Hey all! Just wanted to share some pics that show the growth rate of one of our hatchling Veiled Chameleons here at our breeding center. Been posting weekly pics on our Facebook page and thought I would share them all here now that the babies are about big enough to go up for sale. :)...
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    LLLReptile Golden Ticket Grand Prize Drawing

    Ready to hear who wins the free trip for 2 to NARBC Tinley THIS October?? If you're in Southern California, come on down to LLLReptile Oceanside to see the winner drawn LIVE at 7:30 pm! Not local? No problem! Click here to see the drawing streamed LIVE - that's at 7:30 pm, PST...
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    LLLReptile Hosts Another Herp Meeting!

    We're doing it again! Raffles, prizes, and awesome new guest speakers! We'll have free food and drinks, as well as news updates for the herp community. It's always a fun time, and it's a great chance to meet other members of the herp community in your area! As more details become...
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    Pics from our Grand Opening - lizards, a porcupine, and a monkey!

    Just wanted to share a few of my favorite pics from the Grand Opening at our new Oceanside store last weekend! I brought my male Blue Tongue Skink, Bandersnatch, to hang out with everyone both days: Not everyone loved him...this kid eventually warmed up, though! We walked around...
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    Diego Suarez adults, veileds, senegals, mozambique blue flapnecks, and more!

    Currently available list of Chameleons Baby CB Veiled Chameleons 3 - 4" $39.99 each Video Small CB Veiled Chameleons 4.5" - 6.5" $49.99 each Medium CB Veiled Chameleons 9 - 11" $59.99 males / $65.99 females Video Sub Adult Male Veiled Chameleons 12 - 14" $89.99 each...
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    LLLReptile Oceanside GRAND OPENING!

    We're celebrating the new Oceanside store with a HUGE Grand Opening Celebration! Tons of specials, swag, and more - check it out: SPECIALS All Animals 20% OFF All Weekend! All Reptile Products 20% OFF Store wide (Excludes special orders and caging) All Cages 10% OFF Store wide (Vision...
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