Pics from our Grand Opening - lizards, a porcupine, and a monkey!


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Just wanted to share a few of my favorite pics from the Grand Opening at our new Oceanside store last weekend!

I brought my male Blue Tongue Skink, Bandersnatch, to hang out with everyone both days:

Not everyone loved him...this kid eventually warmed up, though!

We walked around with young gators that people could pet:

There were a LOT of really adorable kids there



Petting the tortoises

I also brought my big 21 year old female ball python

Loren, the owner of LLL, demonstrating how to build a vivarium

Our sister company,, was there with tons of super cool animals!

Steph and Milo the Kinkajou

Milo LOVED his grapes!

Jess and Gipetto, her Weeping Capuchin Monkey

Delilah the African Crested Porcupine made an appearance!

Cheeyah the Coatimundi was adorable


To everyone who came - thanks! It was awesome seeing you! Everyone else...hope these pictures help you feel like you were there! This should link you to the full album of pictures that you can check out!

That's it, I need to move to California to be closer to such awesome happenings! Any plans to EVER expand to the East Coast, specifically Florida? :D
I wish I lived closer to come to these awesome gatherings.
My little sister held a coatimundi once:) she fed it a bottle and it kissed her :D but that's the closest I've gotten to anything awesome like that lol:)
Sweet! I had a java macaque for 4 yrs. got him when he was 2 months old. Awesome animal and one of the most social demanding animals I have ever owned. I loved Peter and loved him enough to know i was not prividing the stimulation he needed so I decided to rehome him with other monkey friends, he was a happy boy!

Those are all beautiful animals you have there!!!
My GF and I went down to the new store this weekend. It looks great guys!

It must feel nice to be able to stretch your legs compared to the original store :D
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