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    Tin man on his hammock I made for him out of ropes and Jung to the ceiling
  2. sacmaverick

    Adult Cap Est. Panther Chameleon

    W have a beautiful Cap Est. Panther Chameleon available to a good home. We purchased 2 brothers and only need one of them. He is approx 12 months and eating like a champ. Not manu full grown Cap Est.s can be found so dont miss out. 350 + Shipping or local pick up available...
  3. C

    Manchester NH rep expo, who's been? random Q about vendors

    With only 7 exciting days left till the rep expo in Manchester NH, it leaves me thinking a very important question that may sound silly!! To those who have been, do most vendors accept credit cards? I'm guessing they must judging how much some of these fancy herps cost (who's carrying around 2g...
  4. Yak

    Petaluma Show

    san Francisco north bay area, Petaluma reptile... See what everyone brings....:):)
  5. kdmelendez

    spooky bump by the tail. First problem O.O help!!!

    Hey guys, I've had my first Senegal Chameleon for a year and 2 months now and I haven't really had any health problems with him and until now (I think). Today, I noticed he has a little bump above and by his tail. It's really weird because I check him every day, morning-bedtime and he's been...
  6. cswan19

    animal cruelty.. what to do?

    I know this post isn't necessarily about chameleons but it is a little about reptiles and I didn't know what to do or how to go about doing anything to help these animals, so I thought you guys could share your opinions on the matter or help in some way. I live around the Venice FL area and...
  7. LLLReptile

    LLLReptile Oceanside Herp Meeting!

    In Southern California? Come on down to LLLReptile Oceanside for SCHA&R's Herp Meeting! Come join the LLLReptile crew and tons of awesome local herpers for a fun herp club meeting! There'll be free pizza and soda, and the opportunity to meet lots of local herpers as well as hear about...
  8. kdmelendez


    Hey, any fellow Tampa bay folks going to Repticon or have gone before? I have a question. I'm thinking of going! :)
  9. LLLReptile

    Pics from our Grand Opening - lizards, a porcupine, and a monkey!

    Just wanted to share a few of my favorite pics from the Grand Opening at our new Oceanside store last weekend! I brought my male Blue Tongue Skink, Bandersnatch, to hang out with everyone both days: Not everyone loved him...this kid eventually warmed up, though! We walked around...
  10. M

    Chameleon-Tour in Madagascar

    Hi All, we go again on a Chameleon-Tour on the wonderful Island of Madagascar. The Tour starts around 24 March 2012 and we stay 3 Weeks in Madagascar. the following Nationalparks and Destinations ar our Taget on this Expedition Andasibe NP Ankarafantsika NP Ankaramy Ambanja Ankify...
  11. Reptar Is Taking Over The World!

    Reptar Is Taking Over The World!

    When i get bored this i what i do >_<
  12. Xev


    This is my Xev last year. She has a new enclosure now.
  13. Panther Chameleon Hanging Out

    Panther Chameleon Hanging Out

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