animal cruelty.. what to do?


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I know this post isn't necessarily about chameleons but it is a little about reptiles and I didn't know what to do or how to go about doing anything to help these animals, so I thought you guys could share your opinions on the matter or help in some way. I live around the Venice FL area and there is a local fish and reptile store called Father Fish. I've been in a few times to buy used equipment cause they sell it pretty cheap there. I always look around at all the animals when I go in because I like to browse. But recently the times I've been in there it has been a terrible and angering experience and it only seems to be getting worse with each time I go in. I was able to take pictures but only a few cause I didn't have much time to stay in there. First off the entire store is pretty disgusting, its dirty, it smells like dead fish and everything is cluttered together. Let me start with the fish... There is dead fish... everywhere. In the freshwater tanks, in the saltwater tanks and all the tanks are dirty and cloudy.

These are all a cluster of dead fish and some kind of dying frog/turtle thing floating on the top, with another fish eating them. not to mention how cloudy and dirty the water is...

Very cloudy water and it smells TERRIBLE!

poor puffer fish dead on the side of the tank. Not sure if it jumped out or it was put there, either way this is wrong and disgusting.

Moving on to reptiles...
I didn't get good pictures of the reptile cages but I plan to go back and get better pictures.
First of all he keeps the reptiles multiple to a cage with little to no room to move around. Also many of the animals do not have lights, no heat lights or uv lights or anything.
I'm no reptile expert but I know enough to know that theyre cold blooded animals and are unable to regulate their own body heat. I also know that they should be housed per species, and species should not be mixed. Which brings me to the next thing... he was housing a baby crested gecko with an adult leopard gecko which was missing its tail and it was still an opened wound, with no heat lamps. Like I said many of these animals do not have heat lamps.

This was the only pic I was able to get, it just shows how gross and dirty it is:

Im not sure if the animal lover in me is just overreacting or not but the conditions of these animals angers and disgusts me. Is there anywhere I can report this? What should I do? This guy doesn't seem to know what he is doing or really care about these animals... every time I go in there he is sitting in his small office area with his feet up, when there is so much work to be done there... I just don't understand how he could let these animals live in such bad conditions. Any opinions you might have or helpful advice please post! thanks


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I don't know what you have in your area but I live in South Florida and we have Animal Care and Control. A friend of mine was appalled at the conditions they were keeping their chameleons and it helps that her mom is a worker there but they got down on the store. They no longer keep chameleons! Thank god!!! I would call like the ASPCA or some organization like that and I am sure they will steer you to the right people. Even fish deserve to live in a clean and healthy environment. Me personally, I don't care how cheap their stuff is, you are keeping him in business by purchasing from him. edit: I meant that there was a shop by me that had chameleons and they were mistreated. I did not clarify that!
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Pet shops must have licenses and regular inspections to operate. Check with the city to see who inspects pet shops and REPORT THEM for unsanitary living conditions as well as animal cruelty and neglect. Depending on where you are, it could be some sort of agricultural product agency, public health department, city or county animal control, etc. The regulations for hygiene and neglect have more "teeth" to cite them with, fine them or shut them down. Include the photos as evidence (but try to get some better ones if you can).


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I know that it is a lot of work to maintain a store, especially when there is constant cleaning and maintenance and customers, but that is ridiculous. I would NOT support that store no matter what the cost of supplies. Its just wrong. I had a store near me growing up that had many animals that should not even be in a pet store, and the place smelled worse than my cricket container! :eek: I would never support his business. I would definitely report that business and help the animals that might still be salvageable.


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Wow I never thought of it that way... By purchasing them from him I am helping him stay in business and continue to let those animals suffer you guys are right. When I get off of work today I plan to do lots of research on what kind of places in my area I can report this place too. It makes me sick hoe these animals are treated. I'm going to try and get more pictures today or tomorrow for evidence against him. Hopefully Ill be able to do something against him. Thanks guys


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Thank god there are no Chameleons in there but me being an animal lover i would say report them and maybe give the news a call. This would help you shut them down as well as make a good story. I don't care what kind of economy or how limited the budget, if you cant care for the animals DON'T TRY, YOU WILL PUT THEM IN WORSE CARE THAN IF YOU HADN'T :mad:


I don't have much time, as my ipad battery is dying, so I ha don't been able to read everyone's post. However, you have to turn these people into the authorities. Just from what the few pictures you did get, the conditions are unexcuseable. Report them ASAP
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