1. Lukie Pookie

    Panther Chameleon died today after throwing up

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Male ambilobe chameleon, 6 months old bought from a breeder back in April. Been in only my care since then. Handling - I used to handle my chameleon every 3-4 days but since I put him in his 24x24x48 I haven't held him Feeding - I feed my chameleon large...
  2. VigilantSpearIII

    Never give up hope.

    This ties into my earlier thread, but I thought I would make a new one. As I mentioned I had a clutch of new Xantholophus Jacksons. Now, I know many breeders that will not bother the neonates as they are being dropped, but in my experience, I do intervene. One thing that I think should be known...
  3. cswan19

    animal cruelty.. what to do?

    I know this post isn't necessarily about chameleons but it is a little about reptiles and I didn't know what to do or how to go about doing anything to help these animals, so I thought you guys could share your opinions on the matter or help in some way. I live around the Venice FL area and...
  4. gpmo

    Dermestids cleaning female panther time lapse (sort of)

    Hi all, It has been awhile since we have posted, things have been crazy lately. Sadly we lost one of your female panthers recently, and we decided to immortalize her by articulating her skeleton. The first step is cleaning the bones. We considered many different options and decided that...
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