1. ferretinmyshoes

    Gecko in really bad shape...

    This poor little leopard gecko was dumped on the doorstep of Petco (of all places) overnight last week. They brought it to me with the usual allotment of other sick critters they're trying to sell. The poor gecko was severely emaciated, dehydrated, fractured forearm and rubbery jaw from obvious...
  2. cswan19

    animal cruelty.. what to do?

    I know this post isn't necessarily about chameleons but it is a little about reptiles and I didn't know what to do or how to go about doing anything to help these animals, so I thought you guys could share your opinions on the matter or help in some way. I live around the Venice FL area and...
  3. Akisas mom

    Can anyone help w' Leopard Gecko EGGS?

    I got 3 female leopard geckos 6 months ago. The older girl was 1 1/2 when I got her so she's 2ish. She unexpectedly laid 2 eggs a week ago. I didnt find them for 2 days and was completely caught off gaurd. After MUCH internet research I am 80% sure they are infertile.... but ....what if! when...
  4. Macreptarforum


    Day gecko chilling.
  5. Lizzy


    my other leopard gecko
  6. Octavion


    My leopard gecko that i've had for the LONGEST time.
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