Can anyone help w' Leopard Gecko EGGS?

I got 3 female leopard geckos 6 months ago. The older girl was 1 1/2 when I got her so she's 2ish. She unexpectedly laid 2 eggs a week ago. I didnt find them for 2 days and was completely caught off gaurd. After MUCH internet research I am 80% sure they are infertile.... but ....what if!
when I found them they were deflated but since incubation they are plump and firm. They glow yellow but numerous sites said they had babies come out of yellow eggs and not to toss them. I also read the brown spots could be from not finding them quickly. It appears to be getting little arteries but they r also brownish in tint. My question is how long before they "rot" which I read is pretty obvious and stinky. Also could she have retained sperm from the breeder for 6 months???? Also her being 2 would this probably be her first clutch? Thanks for any help :0) I uploaded the pucutures in my album but cant seem to get them on the post...


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Do you have male housed with the females? I do not think geckos retain sperm for future egg fertilization. I keep my eggs in an incubator at around 85F and if they are fertile they will hatch in about three months. Otherwise they will rot and smell like will know when they are not good. Good luck.
Thanks. No males...on purpose. 3 girls. I called the breeder in a panik and she's the one who told me they can retain sperm for "quite a while". Well I guess its a wait and see...
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