LLLReptile Hosts Another Herp Meeting!


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We're doing it again!

Raffles, prizes, and awesome new guest speakers! We'll have free food and drinks, as well as news updates for the herp community.

It's always a fun time, and it's a great chance to meet other members of the herp community in your area!


As more details become available, they'll be posted on the facebook event page!

We're looking forward to seeing you there!!


Ken from OC Balls will be our guest speaker!

Ever wondered about the highly underestimated Het red Axanthic gene in ball pythons?? Wondering what the difference is between Co-Dom, Dominant and Recessive genes are? Have a basic question about husbandry? This would be the meeting for you! This meeting will be geared solely around Ball pythons, the morphs of, husbandry for etc.

There will be food, drinks, raffle items (including a Repti Bator, Temp Guns, Foggers, animals and more) and we will be offering all attendees 15% off animals, 20% off supplies, 10% off cages and vision cages as well.

LLLReptile Oceanside with SCHA is the place to be!!

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