Herp Meeting at LLLReptile Oside!


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We're having another herp club meeting at the Oceanside LLLReptile store!

Bill Townsend and Kent Van Sooy will be at this meeting to talk about San Diego reptiles and amphibians, field notes, locality information and more! These guys have a entire slide presentation, with tons of super good information.

On top of that Jeff Lemm that wrote the San Diego Herp Field Guide may also make an appearance to discuss his book, sign copies, etc.

Should be a great talk, with the guys bringing in some local species to check out! We will do a special in the store again with 20% off everything in the store (No exceptions - vision cages, wood & glass cages, bulbs, all animals, etc – everything), and the book Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians of the San Diego Region 30% off.

PLUS the ever popular free pizza and drinks!!


Get directions or ask questions here at the event page!


Don't forget - 20% off EVERYTHING in the store, no exceptions! If you're local, there's no reason you shouldn't be here!

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