Herp Meeting at LLLReptile Oside!


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Come one, come all - another herp meeting at LLLReptile in Oceanside, CA! This time, our guest speaker is the one and only Allen Repashy!

He will be there at 7PM to do a discussion on anything and everything Repashy!

Ever had a question on Crested Geckos, Repashy Super Foods, Breeding Reptiles, Field Herping around the world, or anything at all related to Allen Repashy and his famous line of products? Now is the chance to ask him directly! Come meet Allen Repashy in person and ask about all of this and much more on Monday, July 22nd at 7PM @ LLLReptile, Oceanside.

There will of course be food, drinks, raffles plus a giveaway and HUGE sales store wide just for herp meeting attendees!

All Zoo-Med Products 25% OFF
All Repashy Products Buy one get one ½ OFF
All Cresteds, Gargoyles, and Leachianus 20% Off
All LLLReptile T-Shirts ONLY $5 dollars

Join the event by clicking here, and we'll see YOU there!

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