Meet Dino Quarantino and Husbandry Review

YEP! Your doing something or many things right. I saw the "piggyback2" photo.. I had a choice those or the Yellow Spotted (mine were much cheaper). ha ha Maybe someday I will get the privilege of the waxy experience. FYI The YSCT males sound like a duck and will interact with us as were doing dishes or if they here talking etc.... The White's are like a gang when they do their croaking and also can be triggered by human noises.. I would assume waxy's are loud too.

With your updated picture---- defiantly will do it but my projects usually take a few months up to a year so don't expect anything soon. Research Research Research

Thanks again for the ideas- WOW!!!! This is going to be awesome.. Feeling like I'm a little kid again..

LOL had to share::::: Wife is upstairs teaching about the Chameleons and all... I love it, and maybe can get her into the hobby too... LOL she is making the kids call out the babies name so she can share.
LOL "come out Saul" come out Saul" so funny..... The kids are 2nd grade EL students...
Responding to both posts here.

Maybe if we successfully breed we can swap species. Phyllo are quiet most of the year, just noisy in breeding season which is coming up. Males get massive nuptial pads. I love your toads!

I have same problem (seems like most people on here do?) with spouse not embracing the chams or giving a lot of pushback. However I told husband yesterday that I hear him in the other room talking to Elliot! My veiled always hides from him, so yesterday I "made" him cup feed him. Later in the afternoon he was over there asking Dino if the big fat roach was yummy LOL. So I guess there is hope. If you get the kids enchanted that will help with the wife!

Here is what I have for neps in there:

Nepenthes Maxima wavy (tiny)
Nepenthes Aristochiodes x ventricosa (large)
N Talegensis x glandulifera
N robcantley x (aristo x spectabilis)

This is because I liked the individual plants, they are the correct size, etc. Maybe not the easiest to get ahold of. But I am able to "shop" from my large group of plants. When you buy them, they are usually on the small side for the fancy ones and need a year or two to get big enough. unless you can find one of the common ones (ventricosa, etc.) at a Lowe's, they are usually bigger. I have not reproduced neps mainly for space considerations, I have way too many Venus Fly Traps and sundews competing for my space. And they are very slow to grow. To mail order I highly recommend California Carnivores; a little pricier but excellent service and reputation and will help you if you need it. Ventrata x alata a hardy first choice. Only get Highland species to match the cham temps/humdity/night drop. eBay might have good deals if you don't care about species accuracy and the like. Not sure where you live but if there is a local CP group their annual meets/sales are a great resource.

I would not do Sarracenia unless you are willing to remove them for 3-4 months to live outside for dormancy each year. Also it is difficult to impossible to get light high enough for them to thrive indoors.

Most sundews are the same in terms of light needed but might be able to do mid-cage (but your cham will wreck them..). There are a few low light species but they are more challenging.

Still, it is all doable, you have a lot of research ahead and I will help where ever I can.
Experience is what I needed to hear... I have read most of the carnivorous books (early 2000's) but like everything there are advancements especially with lighting and other systems. I have cloned and raised VFT's from seeds (never again from seeds) along with using clippings from Neps.(not sure what kind but from Lowe's---They were big and only 19 bucks.. I never tried indoor and winters along with hot summers did not allow for good sustainable growth. But! When the temps were right they thrived and grew fast. It seems like weather messed with the root systems more than the leaves.
Your input will help greatly.

For others reading: Get from reliable source-- many seeds are from a seed distribution ctr. and are not even the plant you might purchase (learn from my mistake). ha ha

Doing their job!

I know where some of my stimulus $$$$ is going. Thank you Joe.

Thanks again!


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