Growth Rate of Hatchling Veiled Cham


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Hey all!

Just wanted to share some pics that show the growth rate of one of our hatchling Veiled Chameleons here at our breeding center. Been posting weekly pics on our Facebook page and thought I would share them all here now that the babies are about big enough to go up for sale. :)

Just a few hours old on the day the clutch hatched

Same day, another baby:

Two weeks old, slightly bigger, but still a pipsqueak:

Three weeks old, same thumb - this was the week I started offering baby lobster roaches and dubia roaches as well as small crickets

Same baby, trying to use similar shots so comparing sizes is easier:

Day short of 4 weeks old, same thumb - cranky from earlier attempted comparison shots with members of the same clutch raised slightly differently

Wouldn't cooperate for another across the fingers pose

Thanks for looking, everyone!

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