1. TKR

    Looking for my first chameleon

    ok so i started my obsession of reptiles with my snakes, and now that i bought my girlfriend a cute baby sambava chameleon i want one for myself. i acually have a clutch of movjave X burgandy ball pythons in the incubator. she laid 10 eggs so i should be getting normals that are 100% het...
  2. ferretinmyshoes

    The Chameleon Art Thread

    People post some really cool artwork of chameleons here and there so I thought I'd start a dedicated thread for everyone and share some of mine! Had a hectic week last week so this was a little relaxing exercise since I don't have time to make a big sculpture right now. He's only about 2...
  3. Xepera

    Real life USB Chameleon? :D

    Which one do you prefer? The latter one is my curious little darling yesterday (veiled male 6 months). The whole photo series here.
  4. Brad

    Furcifer vs Trioceros

    Among these two genera, which is your favorite? Is there a particular species that helped to make your decision? Adcham: adcham database Chameleon Forums: Furcifer | Trioceros
  5. Seeco

    Kinyongia multituberculata one month b-day

    Here's some sample pics of my brood. There are some interesting colors and patterns turning up. New album on my profile page. These guys are housed in pairs or trios. They have recieved only about 4-5 doses of calcium in their 30-40 days of life. Vitamins once, maybe. I'm gonna start beefing...
  6. sibeers

    Eating Plants?

    I've had my cham for about 7 months now and just recently she has started to eat the live plant I have in there. It's a pothos and I know it's on the cham safe list but my question is she supposed to eat it? and is there a reason she has started? (not feeding her enough, bored etc..)
  7. Anilr16

    Reptaid help???

    So im going to get some reptaid from a local reptile-only store in my area (pet bazaar),, and its only $8 bucks from what one of the employees are saying and it comes with a syringe..sounds like the same thing from Amber Tech but is it the same? And here's my chameleon's grip is...
  8. vindicatedornot

    New Fry Video

    I took a video for a few people asking about fry, and for my own personal records. I show some of Fry, Fry's Cage, and some more Fry. lol. Please enjoy. Also, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Again.. I'd like to say, i do NOT normally handle him at all. Just wanted to record a quick...
  9. addicted

    Moving with Cham

    Hi Guys, I'm going to be moving within the city at the end of this month and I'm wondering what would be the best (stress free) way to transport my cham. I live in SW Ontario (Canada) so weather may be an issue. What type of container would be the best, I have quite a few pets so I have...
  10. vindicatedornot

    mistking arrival/chameleon move

    Hello again, Got so more questions for ya. I bought my mistking monday the 20th. It said it'd be here in 12 days. It got here in 7! Thats front f'n canada to texas. I've had stuff coming from florida take longer, and thats just all messed up. But anyways, I'm going to be setting it up later...
  11. B

    Sacramento Reptile Show This Weekend!

    Hello everyone, just wondering which Chameleon breeders will be at the Sacramento Reptile Show this weekend? And, for those breeders, will you have any Nosey Be Males (Babies)?
  12. I

    Couple of Questions

    I want to get a pygmy chameleon and have been looking up information. I will most likely be getting a 10 gallon glass tank. My main question is the lighting for the 10 gallon. What kind of light fixture and uvb do i need? Also, what kind of bedding is used?
  13. T

    Chameleons with other pets?

    Along with Calvin I also have a dalmatian and 10 guinea pigs. They have all been introduced to each other and all get on fine. Well, they pretty much ignore any other species to them. My dog has grown up (she was born in this house) around a cat, a hedgehog, guinea pigs and rats so I knew it...
  14. Luvsallcreatures

    Male Veiled Chameleon - MBD ?

    I just purchased a male Veiled Cham from a young gentleman that just purchased him from the local reptile show this past weekend.............. I brought him home and noticed he could barely stand. I put 40 dusted super worms in a dish and he sticks his tongue out above the worms and misses...
  15. Out Of The Dark, Into The Light.

    Out Of The Dark, Into The Light.

    This is Rango on his free range.
  16. Panting


    Female panther just waking up
  17. Juvenile Nosy Be Panther Chameleon

    Juvenile Nosy Be Panther Chameleon

    This is a Wild speciemen photographed in Madagascar.
  18. Mediterranian Chameleon

    Mediterranian Chameleon

    A Mediterranian chameleon crossing the brow of a sand dune, Costa de la Luz close to where I live in Spain.
  19. Christmas Buddies!

    Christmas Buddies!

    Zippy and his 'friend' Pascal!
  20. Gizmo's Headshots

    Gizmo's Headshots

    Gizmo, a two year old veiled chameleon, models for his owner's big scary camera.
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