white patches on spine


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noticed some white patches on pascals spine about a week ago, it looks the same as the rest of the coloring on him, nothing visibly wrong with the skin or spine or the individual bumps along the spine, the skin has just gone white. he's acting normally and is becoming slightly friendlier which im putting down to the other week when i changed the layout of his flex (he seems to like having a new layout to explore), he wont come up to you, he just doesnt hiss and bite when i go in to get him out.
he doesnt seem bothered by this weird colouration at all :/ from a quick glance it maybe looks like it's rotten or something though so im just about worried

^pascals flex, does it looks good?

i've also done one of those "how to ask for help" things

Your Chameleon - pascal, 6 - 7 month old male yemen
Handling - every day, sometimes he's let out for a while and will sit happily next to me or on my head for a hour while i read a book/work etc or sometimes he goes for a wander.
Feeding - pascal has about 10 correctly sized crickets a day, all gut loaded with bug gel and bug grub and suplemented every feed.
Supplements - chameleon dust. he's had this all his life and it's been recommended by the store and the specialist vet he saw last year.
Watering - pascal is misted twice a day, each day he has 500ml of water misted into his flex.
Fecal Description - dark brown poop, no obvious bits of whole cricket, white stuff (cant spell what it is, urea?)
History - was once treated for a minor eye infection which cleared up after a week and has not come back.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - flexarium, 60gallons
Lighting - 5.0 compact UVB bought brand new from store.
Temperature - basking temp is usually around 27 - 30 degrees C with the rest of the flex a little lower, maybe 26. night time temperature usually ranges from 20 degrees C to 24 degrees C in the early hours of the morning.
Humidity - not a clue but i am planning on buying some real plants to try and make it more humid. on particularly dry days when i have used the central heating i will mist him 3 times a day
Plants - nope, they died just as winter set in and i havent been able to get any more, should be able to get some when it warms up and the shops stock them again.
Placement - my room. top floor, only one regular visitor who pascal apparently likes more than me, he is near a window that is always closed (and air tight i believe) with a thick curtain on one half to stop any escaped draughts. he does like looking out the window.
Location - south coast UK
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