Best Place to Order a Veiled Chameleon?


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Any of our wonderful sponsors! But yes, FL Chams seems popular! Top right, below the ad banner, you can see a list of our sponsors, and we're very picky about the companies who sponsor us!
Has anyone bought chameleons from ?

Has anyone bought chameleons from ?

It says it is a FL Chams Company.

I want to get a male.

My cage is 16x16x30.

Juvenile or Baby? Any Ideas?


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I'm just curious,
Any good deals who are not site sponsors? I am just wondering who all is out there as I am looking into getting another chameleon. I have nothing against the site sponsors at all but like to shop around a lot.


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my opinion...

look for the one that is closest to your location and if possible so you can go see it and take it home directly, then if none are available go to the next closest sponsor that is considered reputable. Less time shipping equal less stress or issue in the summer or winter months I would think.

Granted these guys have been shipping for yrs no problem but would just stand to reason summer and winter shipping are the extreme weather variations and shit happens you know.
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