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    Any Snake Experts ?

    You covered a ton of stuff very nicely, but I'm going to point this out: If you do get an UTH, GET A THERMOSTAT. They very easily can reach temperatures of 130*F and burn your snake. They have no way to tell how hot it is. Also, if you have an UTH, the rest of the lighting is effectively...
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    what do people want to see in a new reptile store?

    Some points you want to do simply aren't going to make business sense. You're never going to breed enough feeders in house to avoid purchasing them, if you do, you should simply be a feeder supplier not a pet store. You'll learn very quickly what's popular in your area and what's not, that's...
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    HELP: My Panther Chameleon Set Up

    A no refund policy doesn't allow them to lie to you. You paid for a male, either have them get you a male or they should be giving your money back. It's clearly the employee's fault that was excited for a sale, and was telling you what you wanted to hear. Then she was corrected by the...
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    Another mistking question

    That's completely up to how long you set the timers.
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    We are opening a reptile shop!!

    I'll come by to check you guys out on Wednesday if I'm free :) (Yes they're open now (I believe as of yesterday)).
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    We are opening a reptile shop!!

    The jewellery I have I get from the US and I don't even know where lol. GF deals with that ;D
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    We are opening a reptile shop!!

    Nice!! Good luck! Let me know if you need any contacts for anything.
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    Did I overload the guts??

    If you dust the crickets when you get them, they'll just die after a few days if they can't wipe themselves clean. Dusting crickets needs to be done just before putting in with your animal to eat them, never in the cricket set-up for days on end.
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    Need Advise on my Set-up..Should I get a Zoomed Repti Fogger

    Nope you shouldn't. The foggers simply suck. Get a misting system, it'll only cost you a bit extra and actually do the job.
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    Why do people freak out when you tell them you're getting a Chameleon?

    They don't. But they do usually freak out when I say I have 28 snakes at home. Some people are strange.
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    How to capture an evil chameleon

    Whenever I've used gloves with aggressive Chams, it's caused them to become more defensive and try to bite like crazy. If it's just headbutting you and not biting, just pick her up. Wont be too bad. As far as the letting her go to sleep, I've only woken up one of my calmest chams, once he...
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    How old roughly please?

    Around a year, +/- 3 months lol
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    Best way to force feed?

    The heat would be better for stores to grow up Hornworms(They grow insane in good heat). I'd be trying to find those, and Silkworms as well. Definitely explore some more options, it's really hard to get a stressed animal to swallow any food you're forcing it.
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    Probably has a lot more to do with the fact that I'm sure those people feel they know more then the people telling them what's right and wrong. Even the kids in the video when they're picking it up by the tail say not to do that to the father and he doesn't care, he thinks he's right because he...
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    Which way does she turn?

    My right side of my brain goes "She's turning clockwise" My left side of my brain goes "Yup, you're right, the facts show it" I can't get it doing anything but clockwise lol. And considering I'm a pure Left Side of the brain person, I'm going with the test is flawed :D
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