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    anyone have the monsoon?

    i have the Monsoon...i dont know about other people but i found its less of a mister and more of a sprayer.....the spray out of the nozzles is adjustable but it still seems more like a water jet than a water mist..... fortunately if you call the people who make the monsoon then they can send you...
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    Feeding Question!

    My 9 month old Male Veiled chameleon has recently decided he doesnt want to be cup fed anymore because he rarely goes down to his cup anymore so i have been free ranging about 6 crickets a day 2 at a time every couple of hours (but i keep another half dozen or more crickets in his feeder cup at...
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    Will they grow BACK?????

    They will only grow back if the nail was broken off and not torn off....its like cats you can clip there nails but once you De-claw them then they are gone for good
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    Need help with new enclosure

    i currently have an Exo Terra 18x18x24 cage just like yours and its an ok starter cage my guy is just about the size to upgrade though but enough about me.. yes calcium w/o d3 every day and twice a month for bolth d3 and multi vita, if you have a the Exo terra monsoon system coming i will warn...
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    Take a look at my home made terrarium for my yemen chameleon. Is the set up good?

    I use Cage Carpet for my cage its fairly cheap and easy to clean i just take it out every few days throw it in the shower to clean it out and wash the poop good for me although it does sometimes get to much water and then i just take a dry washcloth to clean out the bottom of the...
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    Superworms or Hornworms?

    So my Veiled "Neo" is about a foot long now and around 7-8 months old and i have been meaning to give him more variety in his diet...even though he has slowed down on the eating a slowed down i mean instead of 12 crickets a day he usually eats 5-6 and is content with that...i free range...
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    Anyone ever try this Dripper? Yeah its here
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    Anyone ever try this Dripper?

    So i have been browsing around looking for stuff for an adult cage for my Neo. and i have found a different kind of dripper that i kinda like but am wondering if it would be ok or a no go. i like the way it looks and was wondering if anyone has ever tried it. Basicaly its the basic dripper but...
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    Kepler thinks his legs are branches...causing falls

    My Veiled "Neo" on occasion does this when he is trying to turn around in his cage...ive seen him do it a few times and i took him into the vet freaking out had blood tests done and had him checked for parasites....they said he was fine and in good really made me feal at ease to...
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    The Best Tree?

    Hi i have recently been collecting the things i need for my chams adult cage i have been shopping around on prices of llreptile and DIY cages for a good adult cage and i really like the idea of having a tree in the cage and am wondering what would be the BEST tree for him to have. the adult cage...
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    Advice Please!

    Yes a 10.0 uvb is too high for a cham youl need a 5.0 either a reptisun or a reptiglo will work fine but most people here use the Reptisun. when i first got my "Neo" 3 months ago after about a month he kept closing his left eye and i read that it could be a humidity problem or a vitamin...
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    New Cage setup and Adult cage question?

    that was actually the exact same cage i have been looking at...just was wondering how much weight could be put on the top and if other people had perhaps used this cage and found it a good one
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    New Cage setup and Adult cage question?

    Hello been a while since my last post and well i was cleaning my chams cage today and decided it was time to look for his adult cage. I have had "Neo" since the 8th of May and well as you can see from my profile pic he has grown...a bit so i figure its about time i get his adult cage in order so...
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    veiled cham gravid without mating?

    Females will lay eggs regardless if there is a Male or not...however im not sure on the age for their first clutch as i have a male Veiled and dont need to worry about it
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    3rd Shed and warming up to me!

    So Today my veiled cham "Neo" started his 3rd shed and by 3rd shed i mean third shed since ive had him and ive had him 3 months now and he looks to be about 4-6 months old; and i just got a new humidifier for his cage so that should help him even more with the shed but anyway 3 days ago i...
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