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    NEW C. gracilis x calyptratus hybrid

    Hello, How are your babies doing? Could you post some new photos when you get a chance. Close ups of heads and feet please. I am very interested in the progression of your little ones. Thanks! Happy Hoildays!
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    NEW C. gracilis x calyptratus hybrid

    Very cute and healthy looking, but they look just like veileds to me. Do any have spurs on the back of the feet?
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    NEW C. gracilis x calyptratus hybrid

    Cute babies but they look just like baby veileds to me. I find it unlikely that a cross between calyptratus and gracilis would take so easily. Gracilis is so rarely bred and succucessfully hatched in captivity. Not trying to burst any bubbles or anything. Just my opinion. I hope you prove me...
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    chamaeleo africanus

    Amazing! Do you know there country of orgin?
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    FOUND! veiled cham in east san diego!

    Search the area at night with a good flashlight. Look high and low. Tops of trees and bases of bushes. If you don't find anything the first night, keep trying. It may take a few trips to locate one or many. Keep us posted if you go hunt.
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    can anyone identify this species?

    Its Chamaeleo something. You need to post a better photo.
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    FOUND! veiled cham in east san diego!

    I don't think theres a owner for this chameleon. I think someone may have found a population maybe. That area should be searched for more. The cham looks very healthy and happy. Better then most pet veileds. Goodluck with him!!!
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    Turtles have started coming into my life!

    It is a FL Soft Shelled Turtle. Its young too. As it gets older, it will lose all those attrative markings. FL SS turtles get HUGE! Cute find. There very common so theres no issue in keeping it in my opinion.
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    Dealt with a stupid reptile store

    Did you put a complaint on Fauna boi? I would like to hear what shop it was. Though I bet I could guess...
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    I'm leaving the forum

    I like how this guys says outtie, then replies to posts. Why did you change your name anyways?
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    Just found a veiled Cham walking across the street

    There here...... Nice Find! Any chance of getting a town and street name? You can PM me if you would like. Carol, chams are all over south FL. We have them around us, but you wont see them until the populations get thick like Knight anoles.
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    kale for leopard gecko

    Kale is GREAT for gutloading!!! Its spinach that stops the absortion of calcium. USE IT!!! Your gecko will thank you!
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    Hello from Japan!

    I would love to see some photos of your fish! The one species of fish I am keeping currently is a pair of albino Polypterus senegalus that I have had for 6 -7 years. They are the most easy fish I have ever cared for! I do keep other animals like Veiled Chameleons, Geckos, Turtles, a Clawed...
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    Hello from Japan!

    Welcome! I love Polypterus too. There such unusual and bizarre fish. What species do you keep?
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    Waxy monkey tree frog?

    Dont mix the frogs! Figure out the ones you have first. There very neat little guys. Did someone sell them to you as Waxy Monkies?
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