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    Brand new cham owner

    Cool mist humidifier with a hose to the top of his cage so the mist rains down, I use it for montanes but would work well in CO to combat the dry air. Just make sure you get one with a manual switch so it can be put on a timer, amazon has a few with large 1-2 gallon reservoirs that work good you...
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    Ambanja Cham

    Tree Candy Chameleons has some very nice Ambanja lines, the breeder Shauna is very active on facebook chameleon groups.
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    Help! What is this thing?

    If he's been neglected and your rescuing him then a vet visit really is a must, how can he be fine and severely neglected at the same time? Sure you can get him hydrated and under the correct lighting on your own but to get the animal on a road to recovery then a fecal and vet exam is necessary.
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    The Incomparable YingLong

    Sorry for your loss Janet, glad you have some of his babies though.
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    WC C. O'shaughnessy Pair

    He looks really good but I'm at capacity right now with other projects as well. I wish I could take him but just isn't in the cards for at least a couple months when I can move some babies out.
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    WC C. O'shaughnessy Pair

    I did pretty much everything I could think of and everything the vet recommended, tons of natural sunlight whenever possible, multiple rounds of treatment, daily cage cleaning. They each came in heavy with coccidia and it's a tough one to deal with. He was on the brink a few times and I thought...
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    WC C. O'shaughnessy Pair

    The male unfortunately never acclimated well to captivity and despite multiple rounds of treatment did not make it, vet suspected he had underlying kidney issues and we were never sure how old he was since he came in as an adult. He passed in early December, we had to evacuate for hurricane...
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    Rescued Sambava Panther, humbly requesting recovery guidance.

    I would drop the basking temp at nearest perch to high 80s. I keep my panthers basking areas around 87-88 and ambient in the mid 70s. Night drops to mid 60s. Sounds like he's lucked into a much better situation and you picked a good one to rescue that animal is from top quality bloodlines and...
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    breeding clutchmates

    I wouldn't do it personally but it has been done with many reptiles in line breeding attempts to bring out certain traits. Your greatly increasing the chances for any negative genetic outcomes as well though.
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    Gotta be kidding me!

    I'd lean towards gravid like @jajeanpierre said. I've never bred veileds but anytime one of my panthers lays a clutch it's not just one time they usually lay 3 or 4 over the following months.
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    Nosy bahorah panther chameleon gender?

    I lean towards female as well.
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    Mistking update/advice?

    I mist 30 mins after lights on, never had an issue and see them drinking off the leaves after. They wake up covered in dew in the wild.
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    Chameleon Species Photographs & Highlights

    Great photos Nick. Interesting species.
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    Trioceros pfefferi

    Great shots, love the colors on them and that dark stripe in the eyes.
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