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    My Awsome Gift

    Awesome. Love quilts.
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    K. Boehmei

    Congratulations and Best Wishes for your project.
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    Being a vet is hard sometimes...

    D, Sending you {{{HUGS}}} because that is all I can do. Life just sucks at times. A friend of mine went to sleep on Sunday night and didn't wake up. The news is shocking as well as devastating. Give yourself some peace of mind for ALL the ones you do save and have saved. Let go those...
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    Best wishes for our dear Laurie

    Hey Laurie, Here's to a painless and speedy recovering. Make sure you have the little bell close by to ring your minions to your beck and call. :p Also remember that drugs are our friends. :D Focus on the positive. :cool:
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    Will you name it Jack after Nightmare Before Christmas? Cool. :D
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    Pygmies of Mt. Gorongos

    Posted by Chameleons Online Ezine and Chameleons Specialist Group on FB. :D
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    30 gallon plus pygmy tanks

    I thought I read somewhere on the forum that the pygmies like to go vertical and so getting a 'tall' or breeder tank would be the way to go. I was thinking of putting a second story on a tank and make that all screen.
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    what kind of pygmy?

    Emmy, if you don't want them..... :D Was this at the Puyallup show?
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    Weekend Baby Surprise

    Congrats. My all time favorite baby pyg photo was on top of a pencil eraser to show how small they are. Power to the Pygmies! :D
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    NW Captive Breeders Expo - Puyallup 10/13-14

    So did anyone go this weekend? Post your pics! :D
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    melleri pix

    Nice. Looks very healthy. My Meller's always enjoyed the outside .
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    I found the Holy Grail

    Are katydids something you can raise like roaches and crikets?
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    female mt. meru pics

    Congrats. Does she have a boyfriend?
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    Who wants to play another round of "Sex the Pygmy Chameleon"?

    Hopefully this will help. There is a lot of info on this form regarding the pygiies. The SEARCH tool works great and there is a forum just for brevs under Advanced Topics : Chameleon Genera Best of luck with them. :)
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    Seattle Reptile Expo THIS WEEKEND

    Hey Chad, I don't know what happened to all the NW people on this forum becuase they use be a dozen or so. I now work on the weekends so it's probably doubtful I can make it. I HATE not going because I know there are some really good deals at this show. I also dislike paying shipping...
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