Year old veiled not eating


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Hi guys shes about a year old last week she was eating well now suddenly she stopped but our days have been cold and winter is approaching can this be the issue by any chance
I can't tell you for sure based on the lack of info I have about her, but I can tell you that my panther Cham's eating slows down when it gets cold. Hope she feels better soon :)
Could she be gravid? Can you post a pic of her? Do you have a laying bin in the cage for her to lay eggs if need be?
She may be gravid. I would get a laying bin in there in case ASAP. Around that age they start producing their infertile clutch for the first time so it's always good to be prepared. I use a 12 inch deep bucket from Home Depot filled with organic potting soil for mine. Make sure it is moist enough to tunnel. I can't post a picture of a gravid veiled on here because I'm on my phone but look it up. You will know immediately. Otherwise she may possibly be on a hunger strike. In that case try giving her some different feeders to try of you haven't already.
The breeder i got her from said she needs to be in contact with a male before she lays like infertile eggs shes been alone all this time. Theres 2 huge plants in the cage wont that also work as a place she can dig if it is? Ill take some pictures tommorow
Well the breeder you talked to isn't correct. Chameleons that produce eggs like veileds and panthers produce infertile clutches anywhere from as early as 4 or 5 months to a year and half old. Although you have plants in there I would find a way to ft a bucket in still so that she doesn't have to go around the roots and such. They are pretty picky about where they dig there tunnels and often dig a few to make sure they have a good one to lay there eggs
thx guys i put a laying bin in wil see what happens i took some pictures bu she very restless never bit me before and today she did sorry for the bad photo
She does look a little chunky in the lower belly area. Definitely get a laying bin in there just in case. Potted plants shouldn't be the only place she can dig because they often are completely filled with roots and cannot be dug into at all. If she has stopped eating because she is gravid, you need to get the laying bin in there ASAP or she could become eggbound and die without veterinary assistance.

It would also be helpful if you filled out the how to ask for help form anyways, so that we can get a better idea of how she is taken care of. It might help us figure out if it could be other things as well.
That belly has the little marble looking spots, I would say she probably needs a laying bin.

Also to second what pshh said, more info is needed :)
Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon -Veiled Chameleon, Female, age 1 year. have her now for about 11 months
Handling - every now and then shes very tame
Feeding - Feedig her crickets, 8Large, In the mornings, Fresh Carrots and cricket food.
Supplements - Every morning with food
Watering - Dripping system
Fecal Description - Dark in color, she hasnt been tested for parasites
History - None that i now off

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 1.2m wide 1.3 high and 800 mm in ITS HUGE
Lighting - 60W night light
Temperature - Not sure
Humidity - Not sure
Plants - 2 huge ficus trees
Placement - in a room with a loover roof and sliding doors
Location - South Africa

Here we go guys i did the laying bin but she doesnt seem very intrested how long wil it take till she goes there?
My girl did the exact same thing when she was the same age, she ended up (from what i could tell) not gravid, but now she is currently laying. What i can tell you from what i know is that my girl showed the signs of being gravid, restlessness, not eating, and being testy probably a couple days before she started digging. I wouldn't rush her, if she is gravid then its good to be prepared, and I'm sure she will do her thing when she is ready. I don't have a ton of experience with this since right now is her first time laying but i know its super stressful waiting for them to do it already:p.
keep us posted on how it goes!
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