Wurma has a hematoma behind the eye...


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The waxworms i ordered were so tiny, I cant feed em off yet ... I just drove to the petstore to buy bigger ones.

Right after feeding I saw wurma shoot and eat a waxworm, gave him a few more dusted in miner-all... Not the best of food but right now I'm just happy he takes food at all, especially since he started to lose weight (or, the vet scale differs from mine).


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Yay! :D
Well done Wurma and credit to you too Remko! :LOL:
Great news he ate.
yea, he even moved to find more, I was happy to provide... He doesnt want to eat with me in the room anymore, guess that's the price I pay for medicating him so i have to peak around the corner.
Gonna leave him alone for now... Before lights out 1 more time eyedrops and he's done for the day.


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So, I decided to mail the vet that's probably the most knowlegable vetenarian in my country when it comes to reptiles... She basically confirmed the current medicine is correct and suggested I apply more frequent to see if it will help, also do it for atleast 14 instead of 10 days.

I do feel wurma has slightly improved today as he moved around some and his eyes are open more often aswell.

Still looking strong as an ox!


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I figured I could just feed wurma with them thongs ... I decided to try and feed him while i was spraying him when he started drinking. This seemed to go well, as they cant really spit things out I cant say if he liked it..
I got 2 waxworms and 3 crickets in Wurma.
I don't know if it's a recommended approach but it seemed like stressfree to me, I may do it again in a few days but atleast he got some extra energy in him for now.


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Well today is not so good, swelling seems to have gotten bigger... Either it grows/fills when he hydrates (strange?) or possibly it's because of rubbing his eye on the branch...

I'm very tempted to make that appointment for surgery. :(

It sucks, looked like we were beating it for a while there.:(


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Oh no, oh I’m so sorry to hear that, poor little guy, I’m sure you will make the best decision for possible surgery even though it will be hard, very best of luck.
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