Wurma has a hematoma behind the eye...

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by Remkon, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. Remkon

    Remkon Chameleon Enthusiast

    So I've been having some trouble with my boy Wurma lately, he has, what turns out to be a hematoma behind his eye.
    I've been to the vet with him 3x now with the next visit to be scheduled for today.
    First visit I got an ointment in case it was a parasite.
    2nd visit I got antibiotics and another thing to combat infection (metacam and marbocyl).
    3rd visit with no improvement we decided to stick a needle in it to see what would come out and out came a lot of blood...
    The swelling smaller now but it wasn't possible to drain it all due to the location of it so I have to go back for round 2 today and possibly more rounds to come...

    Wurma so far is handling it like a champ but I really feel for the guy since I don't often handle him a whole lot because I know he prefers not to but now he has to be handled for medicine daily and travel to the vet.
    I think he's experiencing some pain or discomfort from it as he will sometimes sit on his branch with his eye(s) closed, this would normally worry me but he does still eat and follow his daily routine so I think it's just the pain/discomfort.

    Only positive thing is that the eye seems to be completely fine and functioning and the situation did not worsen either.
  2. Twitchet

    Twitchet Chameleon Enthusiast

    Hi Remko, I hope Little Wurma gets better and makes a full recovery soon, I’ve been wondering how he and you are doing.
    Best of luck for today’s visit.
  3. Andee

    Andee Chameleon Enthusiast

    So glad you've figure out what it is, wonder what caused such bad bruising of the blood vessels. At least he retains function, it shows it's likely just a superficial injury that got out of control cause of the weird placement. You must feel relieved having diagnosed it successfully and have him on the road to getting towards recovery. Will keep you guys in my thoughts.
  4. Remkon

    Remkon Chameleon Enthusiast

    I'm just fine... Finished the insulation on the shed and added vents to the doors, started working on the windows, I hope to finish those this week so I can spend the next weekend on the new chameleon enclosures...
    I think I will look into buying a small electric fan for in the top of the shed for better circulation.

    I really hope Wurma will be better soon as well, times like this make you realize how much you actually care for your reptiles... I just want him to be healthy.
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  5. Remkon

    Remkon Chameleon Enthusiast

    Well the vet didn't want to use a needle at first since he was scared he would possibly damage some nerve behind the eye and damage functioning.
    But after antibiotics did not show improvement we decided to drain the swelling to at least see what would come out and old-dark blood came poring out.
    Hopefully the vet can get a lot more blood out today and the body will take care of the rest, I don't mind the vet-trips but I feel it's a strain on Wurma.

    He had a small superficial wound behind his eye, I guess he walked into something sharp (maybe fell) and it punctured but did not penetrate completely.
    Tho it may be uncomfortable for him right now at least it's fairly harmless compared to some of the alternatives it could have been.
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  6. Andee

    Andee Chameleon Enthusiast

    I definitely agree small wounds are much better than the worse things. However keep your eye out for any signs of sight loss that may be due to scarring. I doubt it will happen but just in case. I hope relieving the pressure helps with his discomfort.
  7. bobbydigital

    bobbydigital Avid Member

    Wishing you and Wurma the best!
  8. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    Keeping little Wurma in my thoughts and prayers.
  9. Remkon

    Remkon Chameleon Enthusiast

    So, the vet tried to drain more blood, didnt go as well as last time and we desided to leave it at that for now as I felt I had to outweigh the stress of frequent travel and having needles stuck to his face to the actual severity of the condition.

    Now that the pressure is off the eye the body will have to do the rest. If the situation worsenes I will go back to the vet right away, otherwise I'll go back in 3-4weeks for checkup.
  10. JacksJill

    JacksJill Chameleon Enthusiast

    Best wishes for his continued recovery.
  11. Twitchet

    Twitchet Chameleon Enthusiast

    Oh that’s such a shame it wasn’t as successful, Bless him, poor Wurma, he’s being a good patient though, fingers are very much crossed for him and that he gets better soon, maybe after that he’ll turn the corner and really start feeling better.
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  12. Remkon

    Remkon Chameleon Enthusiast


    I didnt expect a full cure tbh and if time will heal it I will just keep a closer eye on him for as long as needed.
    He still eats, is active and looks healthy other than the eye, that's all reassuring.
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  13. Remkon

    Remkon Chameleon Enthusiast

    Figured it be nice to give an update...

    Been back and forth to the vet, last time we tried to drain the hematoma but it didnt go so well... Vet suggested to give it 3-4 weeks to wait for improvement.

    Recently Wurma has gone a bit worse, he now keeps the other eye closed more often and uses the swollen eye more, he also seems to not follow his routines anymore but mostly stays in more or less the same spot ( probably because eyes are closed...).
    As this isn't improvement I decided to take him to a different vet to a 2nd opinion. This vet seemed to know his reptiles a bit better, checked both eyes which were nice and clear.
    He gave me an eye drop antibiotic that I have to apply for the next 10days 3x a day each eye.
    If this doesn't help the swelling will probably get drained and chances are Wurma will lose that eye. This is also the reason why I medicate both eyes, just in case something is wrong with ithe swollen eye that eye has to remain in tact.

    Weighing Wurma he was 148grams, last weighing 2 weeks ago he was 150grams so no big shock there. The body looked surprisingly healthy according to the vet.
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  14. Twitchet

    Twitchet Chameleon Enthusiast

    Worrying news Remko, I am wishing and hoping all goes much better in the next few days, it’s so odd that with all the ointments etc it still doesn’t start improving,
    Good luck to little Wurma and good luck to you, I know how special he is.
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  15. Remkon

    Remkon Chameleon Enthusiast

    Yea, let's just try and be positive!
    I care greatly for all my coldblooded friends but Wurma sure has a special status due to being my first cham and 'cmon HE HAS 3 FRIGGIN HORNS!!!
    It's basically a miniature tree triceratops, which was easily one of the coolest herbivore dinosaurs out there, certainly one of the most popular next to stegosaurus ... Besides, Wurma is atleast 50% of the reason for starting my shed-project, that's enough reason for him to make a full recovery and enjoy an enclosure that's nearly 3x the size of what he has now! Yea, you got that right Wurma! No sharing your enclosure! Papa won't get 'nother cham for atleast quite a while

    Anyways... I found a good way for the drops to reach all the way to the back of the eye, namely dripping the eye, then hand-misting his body, avoiding his head... He will start cleaning his eyes and then I stop misting his body to not risk flushing meds out... I do believe his eyes are getting a bit better, still wonder why he keeps his 'good' eye closed as there's no damage in or around it.
    I just hope that the stress of treatment doesn't cause more harm than medicine solves.
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  16. Fiona's Mom

    Fiona's Mom Chameleon Enthusiast

    Come on Wurma...you got this...fight it! Any cham with 3 horns has to be a fighter. Best wishes for a speedy recovery buddy.
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  17. Andee

    Andee Chameleon Enthusiast

    He may be closing his good eye from stress or just cause he doesn't feel good.
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  18. Remkon

    Remkon Chameleon Enthusiast

    ya, but fot stress id expect both eyes closed...

    Got home today to medicate him and he had taken the efford to climb to his baskingspot today, also eyes seem to be open more often. Waxworms will arrive tomorrow, I bet he cant resist those. :p

    Right now I hate not knowing what he does all day, I really need to buy cameras to spy on my animals :cautious:
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  19. Twitchet

    Twitchet Chameleon Enthusiast

    Yes! Some waxworms will cheer him up.
    Come on Wurma! You can do It!!

    And yes, cameras would be so good!
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  20. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    Keep you and Wurma in my thoughts and prayers. A change in vets was a good idea.
    I’m pulling for Wurma here! ❤️
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