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Found out yesterday that the female hybrid i'm getting a pup off missed the pregnancy :(

One of my friends has a male Timber Wolf who served a 50% wolf/ 50% malamute - he has got another 50% female to serve this weekend so hopefully she'll take.

I've got pick of the litter but it's going to be about 4 months now :(

The thing i am struggling with though is a name, i'll be getting a female so i can breed off her with my 50% hybrid male, anyone have any good name suggestions for a 75% timber female? ;)
LOL......hehe :p

I was thinking of Taranis ( Tara for short ), Taranis was a Celtic God.
Not sure if this would suit a female though :confused:
What about...

Bellatrix - "Bella" is a construct of the word "bellum" meaning "war" and "trix" refers to "a woman in power." Bellatrix is therefore known as the "Female Warrior" and is also the pale yellow star indicating the left shoulder of the constellation Orion, the Great Hunter.

I got this from one of the Harry Potter websites.. lots of interesting names there. And yes, I am a huge fan..
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Yeah, it's Bellatrix Lestrange isn't it? Cousin of Syrius Black?

Next edition should be out june i think - i've ordered it on Amazon already hehe.
It is - Syrius Black was my favourite character..

Got mine ordered too and when it arrives I will lock the door, turn off the phone, and ignore the world until I have finished reading it. lol
Haha, that's exactly what i plan to do - Mark can look after the animals for a day or two :p
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