What 5 weeks can do!


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5 weeks, I was told they grow fast... but seriously??? How long can they keep up such a growth spurt?

If only I had a good camera, his colors are really coming in!

The pic on the left is when I got him
sorry for the blur, there is no image stabilizer on my phone


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They do Grow Fast!!! The first 6-8 months of life they reach 2/3 adult size or thereabouts.
Makes sense to become an adult as quickly as possible when so many predators love the taste of little chameleons. :)
Nice Cham!
I cant wait til my babys are that big. :D

Mine are only like 2-3 months, but their still tinyy.2

It wont be long :) he is only 5 months old, I am really enjoying my first chameleon! You can really "see" it grow and fill in its colors! Every next day he gives me a new surprise!, chams rock!
Watching baby chams grow right before your eyes it one of the wonders of nature. I never get tried of watching them shoot up the first few months. Maybe that is why I am always so slow to agree to sell any of mine.;)
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