When is it best to move a hatchling into her large enclosure?


My hatchling female panther is now going on 5 weeks this coming Monday. She currently is in a nano cage. After a rough first week and a half (on me), husbandary is on point with fogging, misting, lighting and keeping warmth. She has plenty of fruit flies in cage and seems to be more of a morning eater (when I see her eating) which isnt often. Poops are good now. Daily with proper (small) urate. I do let her stick roam in the afternoon for a bit every few days and her colors stay light.

So my question or concern is when to move her into her larger enclosure? How long can I wait for the move? I worry about more space making it harder for her with her fruit flies. I am also concerned with resetting husbandary.

Also a picture of Starburst included.


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I would wait to move her until she gets a bit bigger at least passes the 2 month mark. Not because she could not do well in a big cage. But a big cage brings a lot more concern for you. While they are this little you have to make sure they are eating really well and producing fecal and urates to check for hydration. If you move her this makes it harder to find the fecal/urate. And makes for a really large area for her to find her food.
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