Trioceros hoehnelii babies!!!


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ive been waiting for her to finally have these little ones for a week or so. they are here!! so far she has dropped 8 babies!! ok so i was little concerned but amused at the same time. if any of you have delt with these guys they are pretty neat to watch (they wag there tails and will scratch like a dog) kinda crazy. so this little one made its way back to mamma and climbed onto her. she started kicking at it super fast. it was like watching a dog with fleas scratch. it was able to make it off her without being flung off amazingly. i cant believe how coordinated they already are. ill post some pics tomorrow.

Here Ya go!! she had 8 babies. little things are eatting like little beasts.


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congrats so big! hoehneliis' are live bearers? never knew that
I hope youve moved them into a baby enclosure. No need to tempt fate and have momma accidentally eat one of those little guys. Great accomplishment btw. Were these from an imported gravid female? Or did you have a breeding pair?
WTF, you made me wait 6 days for photos? do you know I've been waiting at my deask for 6 days without going to the bathroom or eating waiting for this?

great photos, and congrats on the babies.

brb, gata peeeeee real bad. :eek:

They are amazing, makes me just want to pick them up and play with them like they are dolls. Too bad chams don't go for that crap. Congratulations again, they are cool.
Thanks all! these little guys camp the spot where i dump fruit flies in its funny. im starting a cricket batch tonight to get some pinheads!!

ChameleonsInMyHouse : Yes they are live bearers
Texas Panther Man: they were moved the day she had them :) imported gravid female. both male and female are w/c.
warpdrive: haha!
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