This hatched in my cham enclosure.


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Nice. I had a mediterranean gecko hitchhike all the way to my house from Istanbul! Unfortunately it didnt live very long but made for a cool pet.

If it hatched on the cage... and you can’t find it... Id assume it is or will be a snack.


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Yup they are. I've tamed so to speak all the wild ones, they follow me around because I hand out treats lol
Wow! They usually run off before I can really get a good look at them. I’ve got some weird pictures going on in my imagination now...a little herd of the little lizards following someone around, almost Jurassic Park like. And then there’s the Snow White singing/prancing with the lizards. 😂

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They certainly do, the anolis sagrei found in Florida have much better colors than the ones found in petshops for some reason.
The only ones I've ever seen in pet shops (or my grandparents yard in FL when I was a kid) were Anolis carolinensis. But that was Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away... 😁

I knew the brown ones were around—just never saw any... :(
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