This hatched in my cham enclosure.

salty dog

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Interesting... how in the world could that happen...not a chameleon... what did you have in there before??
Fortunately it's the only animal in there.

Like I said it just hatched, I will try and get more pics later, it's hard to find and very nervous.

Never kept anything in there prior too, as far as I'm concerned the cage is now contaminated and not suitable for a cham to go in.

Klyde O'Scope

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probably a mourning gecko considering size, I'm guessing theres a mom that somehow got in there too, your cham may or may not eat them tho...
Good spot, IMO. That's why I wanted to see a few more pics. Can't see the eyes too well, and lots of baby whatevers have large eyes, but the feet are a good clue too, and I didn't see them clearly on the screen.


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So it does look like a morning gecko. Not native to Florida, but would not surprise me if they are there.
They are very tiny.

Now the key part ! They do not need a mate. They are all female and will reproduce on their own, even if there is only one. There is a word for it , but I forget.
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