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    Various places. Local Nursery's, Hardware Stores like Home Depot.
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    CBA5397A-F797-454E-8024-2CEBA55DF2A0.png Here’s a picture of my newly planted enclosure. Plenty of places to climb and sleep. I have planted in it a schefflera, a golden Pothos, and a gold dust croton. And then there’s a pic of zenji :) 3DBB8F42-C773-4323-AD2A-FEF0478767D0.jpeg
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    and they are goof for chameleons
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    My custom built cage for my panther, still needs some finishing touches. 1528404507639562497301.jpg
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    Hi folks!

    This is what I currently have going on. A little background info which most of you know: I’ve had Spyro since the end of May and he was a last minute rescue situation. I have much bigger plans for the future, but this is where we are now!

    Any comments or concerns? (He’s in the back getting tucked in for bed)

    Not pictured is his linear UVB bulb (Reptisun T5 HO). I just got some replacement bulbs in and took this before turning the light back on after switching out a bulb.

    Future plans are a bigger cage, preferably something custom with a drainage system.

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    This is my cage
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    He's about 4 months
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    What species and sex? How big is his cage?
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    He is a Male blue bar ambilobe. I have him in a medium cage right now but i'm buying a large one next week for him
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    What are the dimensions of the new cage?

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