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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by cantgetagoodsn, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Kecleon

    Kecleon Established Member

    Morning Guy's Woke Up 2 Work On My Chameleon Cages And A Got Some Advice From A Forum Member @jajeanpierre And He Wanted Me To Post Pictures Of My Chameleon Cages Done Or Not Lol.

    So I'll Post Them So U Guy's Can See.

    1 of them is already done but that 1 is for my moms birds, but the 2 primed once are for my Cham

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  2. JamesB88

    JamesB88 Established Member

    I'll post a better pic after work lol

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  3. Ash jay

    Ash jay New Member


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  4. wmacintosh

    wmacintosh Member

    My new enclosure!

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  5. Peachypink

    Peachypink Chameleon Enthusiast

    Nice!!! I love this idea and the plants are nice and full.

    The only question I have is...is that blue/purple light on for just for picture effect or do you leave it on all night? Chams need dark to sleep, any sort of night heat light will disrupt their ability to set a day/night schedule and will cause issues later on. They set their internal clocks and regulate hormones through this day night schedule. A temp drop at night is a good thing for their metabolism and it is not necissary to have heat at night unless your house drops lower than 55.
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  6. Stinger

    Stinger Established Member

    All of you's Nicely done. The vegetation plants are great .
    Wonderful.Work . Go Big or go Home
  7. Aztech

    Aztech New Member

    Hi, and thank you for the compliment :)

    The light is more of a blue not purple. The light schedule is set from 7AM to 7PM, then all but the blue lights turn off. The blue lights are not for heat, they're meant to simulate moonlight for an additional 2 hours until 9PM when they shut off, then it's dark until 7AM.

    I have a T5 5.0 UVB strip, a 6500K, 3400 lumen LED strip light that includes the blue LEDs, and a basking bulb.

    Temps drop to 64F at night, and there is no heat provided through the night.

    I've also added a fogger in the last week or so, so I can keep humidity up in my dry winter climate. Updated pic included. If you look closely you can see him curled up, settling down for the night in the middle left of the pic under a leaf. The lights turned off after I snapped the pic.

    Thanks for the comment and suggestions :)

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  8. Peachypink

    Peachypink Chameleon Enthusiast

    Great!! I was just double checking as it is a very common thing people get the wrong info about. I will be setting up a moonlight setting too when I get my upgraded cage. It will take some trial and error on timings of it all.
  9. JamesB88

    JamesB88 Established Member

    Still haven't Hooked up the mistking yet but I feel like my boys new setups lookin decent:DI can't wait for the pothos to fill up the cage up either(y)

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  10. Big Gulp

    Big Gulp Established Member

    Looks good.

    How are you hanging the pothos?
  11. JamesB88

    JamesB88 Established Member

    I cut a peice of 1x2 put that across the top of the frame of the top of the cage, cut a hole on each side of the pothos pot strung 50lb fishing line through to the wood on top and tied it to it so the pothos is hanging from the wood that is across the frame.
  12. AliceTheCham

    AliceTheCham New Member

    Alice in her enclosure and a little of her free range

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  13. Bmaggio

    Bmaggio New Member

  14. Big Gulp

    Big Gulp Established Member

    Ah, cool.

    Do you worry about the heat from the lights weakening the line over time, causing it to snap?
  15. JamesB88

    JamesB88 Established Member

    My basking bulb is opposite of my pothos so the neither the plant or the fishing line get hot.
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  16. Zeusasaurus

    Zeusasaurus New Member

    I made it don't laugh

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  17. Stinger

    Stinger Established Member

    Both complete enclosures (y););)

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  18. EarlMT

    EarlMT Member

    How did you get that pothos to be so high up in your cage?
  19. Jnuman85

    Jnuman85 New Member

    Looks like this thread has been dead for awhile.. hopefully my first post on this forum can help!

    I recently purchased and rebuilt this cage, once for an Iguana, now for a Chameleon! It took about 3 weeks from start to finish to break it down, sand, stain, seal, Ect...

    The Temp Gauge up on top is broken on the humidity side so please disregard the 10% there. The beautiful thing is on top of the cage is a 15-20 degree difference from the bottom!

    - 2 Hibiscus Plants
    - 1 Honey Suckle
    - 1 Ficus
    - 2 (dying) Ivy Geraniums
    - Petunias

    Lemme know what you guys think!

    ANY Suggestions welcome!!

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  20. Jennibean

    Jennibean New Member

    Totally speechless... AMAZING!

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