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Ok so we are nursing Spike Bobby Kevin back to health after a very bad case of MBD. As a part of that I have been taking him outside whenever I get a chance and that has led me to a few questions about the amount of sunlight he needs.

Is there a rule of thumb about how much sunlight they need a day? Can they get too much? Is direct better or worse than indirect?

I have been taking his cage out, but not sure if I should put him in the sun or the shade, so have been doing a little of both. His favorite is when I put him near the sprinkler and let the mist blow on the cage. Then he can drink from the screen.

I am also wondering about heat. How hot is too hot? Been bringing him in over 95.

Thanks for all the great info I get here.
They can't really get too much sunlight as they can control how much 3 they make from the uv rays.

There is still some UV in the shade so being in the shade will still be good for him.
If its getting up to 95F he needs to be able to get into a heavily shaded area.

Keeping a "tarp" on part of the cage can be an easy solution.

I like to use the black cloth like weed-blocker tarp, like that comes in a roll.

In addition to shade, frequent mistings will help keep him cool when it gets too hot.

If its 90F out or more, Id say you should be paying alot of attention to him while hes out there, or at least ensure that he has shade and frequent mistings.

Indirect sun is great (shade) hell still get what he needs. They like direct sun though if its not too hot, so giving him options is your best.....option.;)

A full day outside is fine, the main thing is to make shure its getting hot enough for him, and then not too hot.

PS: If its that hot outside, depending on where you live, your RH levels may be getting quite low. This can dehydrate a chameleon fairly quickly, so keeping the area wet may be a good idea. You dont have to mist the whole cage to do this, maybe just the surrounding ground, and the tarp and such.
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