Strange Eye Problem.


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I got my chameleon about a month ago and about 4 days after I got him he developed an eye problem. I took him to the vet and he was on eye drops for 7 days and everything went away. Now, about 3 weeks after the eye drops were finished the same eye seems to be irritating him again. There is not discharge like there was the first time, but he often has it closed tends to bulge it out occasionally. I try to keep his cage as humid as possible, misting it about 4-5 times a day and being careful I do not mist directly on him (humidity ranges anywhere from 40-70). I have a ficus tree in his cage as well. Could any of these things be the problem? I am planning on switching out the ficus for a Hibiscus rosa-sinensis as soon as I find out where to buy one, but I am wondering if anything else could be the problem. Thanks in advance.
I don't know what species you have, and I have pygmies, which I'm sure yours isn't...but I think you should spray them directly sometimes, to help them clean out their eyes. Mine don't enjoy it, and it's creepy when they do the eye-bulgy thing to clean them; but I haven't had a problem with them getting anything in their eyes (knock on wood!).
eye problem

I had the same problem with a couple panthers. I started spraying them directly with warm water and had night heat on them and it seemed to ckear itself. Just make sure you wipe away any crust that may hinder them from opening them. I also used GenTeal eye lubricant from drug store which kept the eyes moist for the day. Good Luck
great, thanks for the info everyone. I do have a panther chameleon. Did you drop those eye drops directly into their eyes? How exactly did that work?
I switched the plant to a Hibiscus plant and the problem went away. I guess he had a small allergic reaction to the Ficus plant.
Im so glad that I read on this thread about the eye bulging...I recently acquired some pygmy chams and just saw the eye bulge thing happen this evening. I thought there was something trying to burst thru his eye..looked like a bloodbubble. Thank you for inadvertantly calming me down!
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